Plastic Waste
Makers Index

Revealing the source of the single-use plastics crisis

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Follow the paper trail yourself to find out who produces the single-use plastic you use everyday and the financial institutions who fund and enable its production.

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In this report we outline five major findings. We unveil the companies who produce the vast majority of single use plastic waste globally and the financial institutions who enable them. We assess the companies who are making real steps towards a circular plastic economy, and project growth of single-use plastic production.

BUSIN074 Polypropylene ManufacturingBUSIN074 Polypropylene Manufacturing

We have unearthed evidence which tracks plastic polymers as they leave the factories, follows them as they are traded around the world and converted into single-use plastics, and reveals where they are finally used and thrown away.

Plastic Trash & Garbage UnderwaterPlastic Trash & Garbage Underwater
About the report

Minderoo Foundation’s ‘Plastic Waste-Makers Index’ was developed in partnership with Wood Mackenzie, experts from the London School of Economics, the Stockholm Environment Institute and others.

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