No Plastic Waste19 Dec 2022

Minderoo appoints a sustainability veteran to lead the foundation’s efforts to eliminate the harmful effects of plastics on people and the planet

Minderoo Foundation has appointed former WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) CEO Dr Marcus Gover to lead its No Plastic Waste Initiative.

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Having spent more than 25 years tackling environmental issues and influencing policymakers, Dr Gover joins a global team driving significant shifts in how plastics are produced, used, and responsibly recycled.

Dr Gover brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role, overseeing engagement across science, policy, industry and civil society communities to pursue both regulatory and market-based solutions to plastic pollution. The intiative’s projects span the entire plastics value chain, focusing on key issues such as transparency, human health impacts, safe redesign, and effective management of existing fossil-fuel plastic.

Director of Minderoo’s Planet Portfolio, Dr Tony Worby, said, “We are delighted to have Marcus join us at a time where our commitment to collaborate and lead internationally credible research puts us at the forefront of contributing knowledge to the process of drafting a global plastics treaty.”

“Marcus has a track record of impacting change and a proven ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders – an integral part of what Minderoo does across this and other initiatives. He joins a team dedicated to solving the plastic pollution crisis by equipping policymakers with the knowledge to create meaningful regulation that has the potential to drive massive change.”

During his time at WRAP, Dr Gover helped create The UK Plastics Pact, which brings together government and businesses from across the entire plastics value chain to deal with the problem of plastic waste. It has since grown into a global network of 13 countries with the help of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. As a sustainability advisor to the London 2012 committee, Dr Gover helped ensure that the Olympic Games infrastructure could be used again or recycled, making them the most environmentally friendly games ever.

“I am immensely proud of what we have achieved at WRAP. Now in its third decade and with projects in more than 40 countries, it is on a purposeful path to combat the root causes of the climate crisis. Plastic needs to be seen as a cause and a way to remedy this problem. So it excites me to join Minderoo Foundation at this critical juncture as they embark on bringing transparency to the plastics supply chain, revealing the environmental and human risks associated with the harmful chemicals used in the production of plastics, and supporting the vital work of designing safe and sustainable alternative materials,” Dr Gover said.

Dr Marcus Gover will begin his new role on February 1st, 2023. One of his first duties as Director of the No Plastic Waste Initiative will be to launch the Plastics Waste Makers Index 2023, which is expected to reveal a deepening waste crisis and will include key recommendations for polymer producers, investors, financial institutions, policymakers, and other companies in the supply chain.

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