Thrive by Five19 Nov 2022

Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative launches national Early Childhood Development Program ‘Beshke Cheyin Ulgur’ in collaboration with Australia’s Minderoo Foundation

Every parent is capable of supporting the optimal development of their child’s brain. This is the key message of the neuroscience-based Early Childhood Development program ‘Beshke Cheyin Ulgur’ which launched in Kyrgyzstan today.

Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative
Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative launch. Photo Credit: Roza Otunbayeva Initiative via International Public Foundation.

Developed by the International Public Foundation “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” in collaboration with the Minderoo Foundation in Australia and the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, the program aims to increase awareness around the importance of a child’s early years and to empower parents and caregivers to give children the best start in life.

Beshke Cheyin Ulgur is the Kyrgyz edition of the Thrive by Five International global program, which is currently being rolled out in 30 countries and has so far launched in Indonesia, Afghanistan, Namibia and Uzbekistan.

It consists of

  • The Beshke Cheyin Ulgur App for parents and caregivers of children aged 0-5 years, available in Kyrgyz and Russian languages, and featuring over 100 tips and activities for parents and caregivers to enjoy with their children
  • Supporting Thrive by Five Content disseminated via online and offline channels for increased accessibility
  • The Thrive by Five TED Talk from Molly Wright on “How every child can thrive by five”, which was the most viewed Ted Talk of 2021.

The Thrive by Five content is based on anthropological and neuroscientific research created specifically for each country. The primary goal of the program is to inspire parents and caregivers to have more frequent and quality interactions with children and thereby change their behaviour by highlighting do-able and desirable actions such as simple games like peek-a-boo that are scientifically proven to have a significant impact on a child’s development.

Kyrgyz Republic’s ex-president and the founder of the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative Foundation, Roza Otunbayeva, noted the importance of early development in Kyrgyzstan: “I want to appeal to all parents, grandparents, especially fathers. Take care of your children, spend at least half an hour a day and stay with them, read and talk. And you will see how your children will thrive in a short time. Children are like flowers, like dew on the leaves. And you will see that children will change the country beyond recognition. The country is now in the hands of our children.”

According to Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Minderoo Foundation, Nicola Forrest, the program aims to make scientific and actionable knowledge around the importance of the first five years accessible to parents and caregivers globally. “Neuroscience shows that the first five years of a child’s life are vital to cognitive, social, and emotional development.” Mrs Forrest said.
“Talking, reading, playing, and singing with babies and toddlers is so important in shaping their lifelong thinking and emotional patterns. This in turn influences learning, relationships, and resilience. Our future prosperity and success depend on positive childhood experiences which help ensure every single child grows up to be kind, productive, and resilient.”

Minderoo Foundation
by Minderoo Foundation

Established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001, we are a modern philanthropic organisation seeking to break down barriers, innovate and drive positive, lasting change. Minderoo Foundation is proudly Australian, with key initiatives spanning from ocean research and ending slavery, to collaboration in cancer and community projects.

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