Thrive by Five22 Mar 2022

Every parent, of every child, everywhere! – Minderoo Foundation launches global Thrive by Five early childhood development program

Minderoo Foundation today launched a unique global, multichannel program, starting in Indonesia, to increase awareness around the importance of a child’s early years and empower parents and caregivers the world over to give children the best start in life.

Andrew Hunter at the Australian Embassy, Indonesia for the launch of the Thrive by Five International Program.

To be rolled out across 30 countries initially, the Thrive by Five International Program has been designed to disseminate content to parents and caregivers through a variety of channels, both digital and non-digital, in their own language and individually tailored to meet that country’s language, cultural and social requirements. The program is underpinned by three core products:

  • The Thrive by Five app for parents and caregivers of children aged 0-5 years, in local languages and with tailored content;
  • Supporting Thrive by Five content disseminated via online and offline channels for increased accessibility ensuring families from low socio-economic backgrounds are not left out; and
  • The Thrive by Five TED Talk from Molly Wright on “How every child can thrive by five”, the most popular TED Talk of 2021.

Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Minderoo Foundation Nicola Forrest said today’s launch in Indonesia was just the first step, with the program to be scaled to 30 countries across Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East – putting the tools to help children thrive directly into the hands of millions of parents and caregivers.

“Children need nurturing care and playful parenting right from the start in order to support their brain development and future potential,” Mrs Forrest said.

“This program aims to give parents and caregivers the knowledge they need during the precious early years – to help children reach their full future potential. The science shows that it’s the little moments of connection and interaction, repeated often and especially during the toughest of times, that can make all the difference.”

Dr Andrew Forrest AO, Chairman and Founder of Minderoo Foundation, said the foundation is looking to achieve a global paradigm shift for children around the world.

“Every child, no matter where they live, has a right to have the best possible start to life. The Thrive by Five program will inform and empower parents and caregivers to help their children reach their full potential, from war ravaged countries like Afghanistan to the most remote communities of Kenya,” Dr Forrest said.

“Our special focus is on communities where awareness of the importance of early childhood development is low, or where access to this information is limited, and providing them easily accessible information tailored to them.”

The Thrive by Five content is based on anthropological and neuroscientific research created specifically for each country. To ensure maximum accessibility, the content is available on lower tech, aging devices and via a range of channels including SMS, radio, television and in print and digital media.

The primary goal of the program is to inspire parents and caregivers to have more frequent and quality interactions with children and thereby change their behaviour by highlighting do-able and desirable actions such as simple games like peek-a-boo that are scientifically proven to have a significant impact on a child’s development.

The program will initially be launched in Indonesia, followed by Afghanistan and Namibia. By 2024, the program will have been rolled out in 30 countries across the globe, spanning five continents.

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