MRI display screen with doctor's reflection
Photo Credit: Chronis Jons via Getty Images.


The Brain Cancer Project

To incite a research revolution by empowering patients to freely share their data with the global research community.

Our project

The Brain Cancer Project, a collaboration between Count Me In and the Universal Cancer Databank (UCD), joins patients and researchers as partners in curing cancer. It provides brain cancer patients a platform to share their clinical and genomic data and offers researchers a rich, free data-set to accelerate the pace of discovery of new treatment options. Researchers around the world can access this data-set through the UCD.

Our process

The Brain Cancer Project engages patients on a web-based and social media platform, offering them the power to share their medical data and directly drive cutting edge research into cancer cures. Through the project, patients can not only share clinical records, but also easily provide saliva and blood samples for genomic analysis, generating an incredibly rich dataset for research groups around the world.

The end-goal

Data holds the key to unlocking cures. By empowering patients to share their data directly with researchers, we hope to accelerate our scientific knowledge of brain tumors and facilitate the research community to uncover new treatment options for brain cancer patients worldwide.

Our target

From February 2019, we will engage 3,000 brain cancer patients in the USA and Canada. Collaborate Against Cancer hopes to expand this effort to patients around the world in the near future.

Project members

Steve Burnell
Director, Collaborate Against Cancer