Exmouth Research Lab

Working with us

Applying to use the Exmouth Research Lab facilities

Minderoo Foundation invites researchers to conduct high-impact research, conservation, and educational projects at the Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Lab. Please visit the expressions of interest page and be sure to:

Code of Conduct

All visitors must adhere to the Minderoo Foundation Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct details the legal and ethical obligations and expectations of all visitors to the Exmouth Research Lab to act in a professional and respectful manner.

Bench fees

The Exmouth Research Lab provides in-kind support of facilities for projects that specifically align with the Minderoo Foundation research priorities. This is done through the EOI process, and approved research proposals will receive an allocation of resources through a grant and collaboration agreement. For approved research proposals, the Exmouth Research Lab will provide, if required, vessel and skipper time, vehicles, and accommodation. But it is important that the requirements are clearly specified in proposals to ensure the Exmouth Research Lab staff can plan.

Other costs

Support from the Exmouth Research Lab will not extend to specific project costs including consumables (including lab reagents), equipment, travel costs, salary costs, food, provisioning, or freight.

Family Care

The Minderoo Exmouth Research Lab is a family friendly facility. Please enquire how we can help facilitate family care while you undertake your research.