Exmouth Research Lab


Controlled Environment Room

The controlled environment room (CE room) has flow-through temperature-controlled water and is configured to contain:

1. An experimental system of moderate size capable of conducting experiments at three separate temperatures concurrently. The system is to be comprised of:

  • 27 x 50L aquaria. This will accommodate either a simple experiment design with one variable and nine replicates or a factorial experiment design with two variables and three replicates.

The CE room system has three temperature-controlled systems. Each system can maintain experimental temperature in the aquaria to within ±0.25°C (or better) across a range of 22°C to 36°C.

Experimental tanks will receive water from three way mixing temperature control systems and will sit in temperature-controlled water baths supplied with water, from heat exchanger systems recirculating water through the baths and experimental sumps.

2. Coral larval rearing systems comprising of:

  • 2 x 500L and 4 x 80L gel-coated, fibreglass, flow-through, conical larval rearing systems plus associated plumbing for the grow out and holding of coral larvae prior to settlement.
  • 80L conical larval rearing tanks mounted in a FRP bench.
  • 1 x FRP work bench suitable for gamete holding and larval settlement.
  • Temperature controlled seawater is provided by a three-way mixing system and system water temperature is provided by the ambient room temperature.

Open Laboratory Area

The open laboratory area has flow-through ambient and temperature-controlled water. The area is configured to contain:

1. Three 1000L holding systems. Each system has a small local heat-exchanger running on the primary temperature loops accuracies of ±0. 5°C averaged over an hour, 240v power outlets and aquarium lighting.

2. 12 x FRP module benches, each bench has 12v, 24v and 240v power outlets, aquarium lighting and can hold:

  • 12 x 15L aquaria
  • 8 x 50L aquaria
  • 4 x 100L aquaria
  • 2 x 200L aquaria
  • Combination of the above

3. Artemia/rotifer culture and phytoplankton culture facilities.

4. 6 x 250L round tanks, or can be substituted for 8 x 90L round tanks.

Outdoor Experiment Area

The outdoor area is a flexible experiment space using ambient water and local heater / chiller systems to provide water with temperature control of +/- 1.5°C. It can be configured for variety of purposes:

  • 4 x 4000L holding tanks
  • 4 x 1000L holding tanks
  • 8 x 250L round tanks
  • Combination of the above
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Molecular lab 1 websiteMolecular lab 1 website

Molecular (Dry) Laboratory

  • Dissecting and compound microscopes.
  • DNA extraction, quantification and amplification capabilities (instruments including QuantStudio, nanodrop spectrophotometer, eGel electrophoresis and imaging).
  • PCR thermal cycler (ProFlex PCR machine).
  • Lab coats, gloves, safety glasses provided.
  • General consumables provided (plastic ware, glassware, ethanol, millipore water).
  • Sample storage available (fridge, -20 freezer and -80 freezer).

Wet Laboratory, Workshop and Office

The wet laboratory offers bench space and fume cabinet.

The workshop contains wet saws and fume cabinet. Note that the use of the workshop is only permitted under Exmouth Research Lab staff supervision or restricted access.

There is office space for up to 12 researchers, with high-speed WiFi available.



Exmouth Research Lab accommodation

The researcher accommodation is located about 1.5km from the Exmouth Research Lab, 1.5km from town centre, 4.1km from the Marina boat ramp and 40km from the Tantabiddi boat ramp.

The house can sleep up to 14 people across 6 bedrooms There is plenty of parking space available, and the house is connected to NBN internet. Gear wash down and laundry facilities are on site, and all linen is provided.

Alternative accommodation

Exmouth is a major tourism centre so there is a range of accommodation options – from luxurious to low budget. The Ningaloo Centre website is a good source of information on available accommodation.

The Ningaloo Centre is located at 2 Truscott Cres, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia and can be reached on 08 9949 3070.


Our research vessel, Tethys, is a 7m Barrington. The Tethys is trailered and kept at the Exmouth Research Lab. The lab is 2km from the Marina boat ramp that allows quick access to Exmouth Gulf and 38km to the Tantabiddi boat ramp for access to the Ningaloo Reef.

Tethys has range of 15nm offshore.



The Exmouth Research Lab has two vehicles that can be used by researchers for research related activities:

Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser Ute

This vehicle is for towing Tethys. But when not in use for towing, it is available for researcher use if they have car days allocated. There is also the option to hire additional vehicle days.

A requirement to use this car is an Australian manual driver’s licence.

Mitsubishi Triton

Available for researcher use if they have car days allocated. There is also the option to hire additional vehicle days.

A requirement to use this car is an Australian automatic driver’s licence.