Amazing sea view from the air at Exmouth.
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Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Laboratory

Minderoo Foundation is working towards making West Australia a world-class destination for marine conservation research.

The Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Laboratory provides scientists with state-of-the-art facilities that will enable high quality, high impact marine research, right on the doorstep of the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.

View laboratory and facilities. Video Credit: Minderoo Foundation.


2 Truscott Crescent, Exmouth, Western Australia.

The Exmouth Research Laboratory is located within the Ningaloo Discovery Centre right in the heart of Exmouth. It is 34km from Learmonth airport, 2km from the Marina boat ramp for access to the Exmouth Gulf, and 38km from Tantabiddi boat ramp for access to the Ningaloo Reef.


Adam Jolly
Research Analyst
Michael Tropiano
Facilities Manager
Michaela Dommisse
Research and Infrastructure Manager
Nikki De Campe
Research Analyst
option 1
Peter Farrell
Senior Facilities Engineer



Research aquaria

Due for construction completion in 2021, the research aquaria will consist of:

  • General aquaria including over 200 sqm of adaptable experimental aquarium space. This huge aquarium space allows for a diverse range of experimental requirements that can be custom designed and set up for a wide range of bespoke research needs.
  • Sealab controlled room including 60 sqm of high-level experimental aquarium space. This room is equipped with world class technology allowing for tight control over environmental parameters. It is also suitable for bespoke experiments requiring a high level of precision and fine scale control, for example temperature and acidification responses.

Dry and Wet Laboratory

The laboratory has both wet and dry spaces for general lab work. The dry lab also includes molecular capabilities for genetic experiments, including DNA and RNA extraction and qPCR capability.


Researchers will have access to Tethys, a 7.5m Barrington research vessel, as well as a qualified skipper. A 10m jet powered, bespoke research vessel is also under construction for future use.


Minderoo Foundation will provide accommodation options in Exmouth for researchers, within close proximity to the Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Laboratory for easy access.


There is office space for up to 12 researchers. High speed WiFi is available.

APply now

Minderoo Foundation invites researchers to conduct high-impact research, conservation, and educational projects at the Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Laboratory. To apply, please visit the application details page and be sure to:

Principal Investigator
Please list your top three career highlights which demonstrate your research track record
Period of Project

years and months
Project Details
Provide a succinct description of the project and how it addresses the research priorities.
What is the project path to impact? How will the project outcomes affect the identified issues and in turn lead to impacts?
Specify how the project outputs will be communicated to deliver an impact (note, Exmouth is a highly engaged community that values the opportunity to learn from researchers).
If relevant, describe how the project links and value adds to other Minderoo Foundation initiatives?
Specify proposed deliverables.
Specify any identified risks to the project success and safety that are unique to this project
Specify other funding and grants that support the project.
Estimate in-kind contributions; additional cash or other non-staff in-kind resources to be contributed by project participants.
Minderoo Foundation strongly values collaboration between researchers. Briefly outline any issues relating to IP that may limit this.
Support Requested

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