Can I apply for both a grant and a residency in one year?

Yes, however each application must be for a different project and only one opportunity will be awarded.

Can I apply if I have been supported by Minderoo Foundation before?

Yes, however the application must be for a different project and not linked to the previously supported work.

Can I work with other people in my project?

Yes. The grants and residencies are open to individuals who may want to employ or collaborate with others.

Can I apply on behalf of a group or organisation?

No, applications are open to individuals only.

Can I apply if I live outside Western Australia?

All grants are open to WA residents only. National applicants outside WA can apply for the Exmouth opportunity only. International applicants are not eligible for the Artist Fund.

Can I apply if the main project outcome will be outside Western Australia?

Yes, however the project should also include a local outcome.

What does any art form mean? What art forms do you support?

Any art form means that if you consider yourself an artist, we support that practice. A non-exhaustive list of art forms we support includes: visual arts, digital arts, writing, dance, theatre, puppetry, sculpture, photography, contemporary music, classical music, film, and multi-disciplinary forms.

How does the fund define mid-career?

Although the fund is interested in how an artist defines their own career stage, for invitation to stage two the artist must have maintained an independent professional practice for at least 10 years. The fund is looking to support artists who are significantly invested in their long-term artistic career.

What is the value of the childcare contribution for primary carers?

Selected artists who are also a primary carer will be eligible for an additional $2,500. Please note, to access this contribution additional criteria will need to be satisfied.

What is the value of the documentation contribution?

Selected artists will have an additional $2,000 allocated to their project to go towards professional documentation.

What is the value of the small fee for writing and submitting an application?

Shortlisted artists who are invited to progress to stage two will be paid a $200 fee for their time.

Can my project include professional development?

We support learning through the delivery of the project, but the grants and residencies cannot be used for formal professional development or training.

Can I buy equipment with the funds?

No, grants and residency funding cannot be used to purchase assets.

Can I apply for the residencies if I live close to the residency locations?

Yes, Perth metro artists may apply for the Forrest Hall location and regional artists may apply for the Minderoo Station and Exmouth locations.

Can my family/partner join me on the residency?

No, residencies can only be attended by the individual undertaking the residency.

Who selects the Artist Fund artists?

Your application will be assessed by a panel of peers and advisors.

Will I receive feedback if I am not selected?

No, we are not able to provide feedback to applicants who are not selected.

Can I submit my EOI or application in another way or in another language?

We welcome alternative submissions for those who require alternative access. Please contact us if you have a request for submitting your EOI or application in another way.

COVID may impact my project. How flexible is the Minderoo Foundation as a result of the pandemic e.g. delays due to restriction or illness?

In stage two, artists should incorporate COVID contingencies and/or alternative delivery options into their project plan, to ensure delivery of new work within the financial year and to be considered for the $50,000 award.

Who can I speak to about my application?

You can contact our Project Lead, Helen Mathie via email at arts@minderoo.org.