Marine research infrastructure and programs

Helping to promote understanding, conservation and protection of oceans and their wildlife.

What we are working on

We are developing state-of-the-art research facilities in Western Australia to empower the best marine scientists in the world to study and solve intractable threats to ocean health. Our research priorities include understanding ecosystem health and how to reverse the impacts of climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing.

The process

We are collaborating with the world’s leading marine research organisations, universities and scientists to understand human impacts on oceans and what can be done to counter them. Our research facilities enable our partners to extend studies into locations and subjects that were previously out of reach.

The Pangaea Ocean Explorer, a 58 metre blue-water research vessel privately owned by Minderoo’s founding Forrest family, with a 10,000 nautical mile range, is being upgraded to support a broad range of oceanographic research.

The Ningaloo Marine Research Centre, another research asset we are developing, will be a state-of-the-art marine research hub for studying tropical coastal marine ecosystems in the heart of the UNESCO listed Ningaloo Coast World Heritage site.

Our proposed Perth Marine Research Centre will provide local and international researchers, university students and school groups with international-standard facilities for conducting field studies of temperate marine ecosystems off the coast of Perth.

The motivation

Science is urgently needed to prevent a collapse in ocean health. Overfishing, habitat degradation and climate change threaten to devastate the biodiversity, food security and economies of already vulnerable countries. Furthermore, ingestion of plastics by marine life is causing untold damage to ocean ecology and human health.

Research programs will be running from Pangaea Ocean Explorer and Ningaloo Marine Research Centre in 2019.

Science for Ocean Sustainability.

Our targets

Work will begin on our Perth region Research Centre in 2019 and we intend this to be open for research in 2020.

Project members

Tony Haymet
Director Oceans
Adam Jolly
Research Analyst
Claire Raphael
Research Analyst