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Indigenous students set sail for success on and off the water

Minderoo Foundation is bringing a successful training program to Exmouth that provides new career pathways for young Indigenous people.

Photo Credit: Shoreline.

As part of the Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Laboratory’s commitment to the local community, the Shoreline program will be offered to local Indigenous students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

The unique Shoreline model will see participating teenagers embark on a three-year paid traineeship – spending three days at school, one day at TAFE gaining a National VET qualification, and one day with an employer.

The program – which currently operates in the Tiwi Islands, Cairns and Sydney – has an incredible track record: in 2020, 100 per cent of Shoreline graduates in Cairns were employed in their chosen industry.

Across the program, 80 per cent of Shoreline graduates have retained employment for 24 months or longer.

“The Exmouth Research Lab is delighted to be able to bring this highly successful initiative to Exmouth to help students to develop job-ready skills,” CEO of Minderoo’s Flourishing Oceans initiative, Dr Tony Worby, said.

“The program will provide a much-needed alternative career pathway for young Indigenous people to stay within the Exmouth community and the opportunity to work on Country while focusing on marine and tourism opportunities,” said Shelley Cable, CEO of Minderoo’s Generation One initiative.

“Upon completion of the program, students will have a guaranteed job and the necessary qualifications and industry experience to work in their chosen field,” she said.

A local “super excursion” was recently held for interested students from Exmouth District High School, who are considering entering the Shoreline program in 2022 and 2023.

Shoreline Managing Director, Jason Ryan, said he was pleased to see the program expanding, with support from Minderoo Foundation.

“When we link education to clear career paths, with actual jobs at the end, students can visualise a way forward. They can start to see what they’re coming to school for,” Ryan said.

“Shoreline’s ability to take on new trainees depends on funding, so support from Minderoo Foundation to take the program west is vital,” he said.

Minderoo Foundation has been collaborating with Traditional Owners on the Shoreline project and will continue to work with the Exmouth Indigenous community, as the program gets underway.

Shoreline began on the Tiwi Islands in 2009, and 90 per cent of students are still connected with Shoreline in some capacity or have full time work in their chosen careers.

Exmouth enrolments will begin later this year.

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