The Frontier Technology initiative funding

A Group Of University Students Working In The Library At CampusA Group Of University Students Working In The Library At Campus

A group of university students working in the library on campus. Photo Credit: PeopleImages via Getty Images.

Our Funding

University-based programs

Donations and grants to advance education and research on the societal implications of technology, launching in August 2020 as a global Tech Impact Network, anchored with the following nodes: 

Gardens at Clare College CambridgeGardens at Clare College Cambridge

The Minderoo Centre for technology and democracy

University of Cambridge

Teaching The Engineering StudentsTeaching The Engineering Students

The Minderoo
Tech & Policy Lab

University of Western Australia

Two University Students Collaborating On ProjectTwo University Students Collaborating On Project

The Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power

University of California Los Angeles

Support From LecturerSupport From Lecturer

The Minderoo Initiative On Technology and Society

New York University

Radcliffe Camera, OxfordRadcliffe Camera, Oxford

The Minderoo-Oxford Ai Governance Challenge Fund

Oxford University

Impact Projects

Based on invitation or open call, designed to:

  • Tackle breaches of human rights (including, in particular, the rights to privacy, to freedom of association, to non-discrimination, to work, to a fair trial, to self-determination, and to free and genuine elections) by monitoring compliance with international human rights obligations and standards, researching and raising public awareness of the importance of combating the infringement of certain rights, and expanding regulatory capacity with laws, policies, and institutions to protect the interests of people and communities in the public;
  • Advocating for the protection of workers by upholding safe, dignified, and meaningful work in the face of rapid automation and technological change; and
  • Reimagining the technology future by building countercultures and supporting thriving artistic and cultural movements.

Andrew Forrest and Madam Fu Yingat the 8TH World Peace Forum.

Strategic Public Platforms

  • Innovative new forums to discuss best practices for the tech industry;
  • Test new methods for bringing regulation and accountability to the tech ecosystem;
  • Advocate for corporate governance innovations, diplomatic convenings, and public engagement; and
  • Raise public awareness of breaches of human rights and harms to individuals, and to advocate for remedies in the interests of tech consumers and the general public.