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Minderoo Foundation Celebrates Successful Rehabilitation and Release of Chomper the Loggerhead Turtle

Minderoo Foundation is proud to have supported the rehabilitation and release of Chomper the Loggerhead turtle, who was found injured and underweight by a member of the public at Jurabi Point, Exmouth

Chomper Turtle Release
Chomper Turtle Release. Photo Credit: Minderoo Foundation.

After being assessed by Parks and Wildlife officers, she was transported to The Ningaloo Aquarium and Discovery Centre (NADC) for treatment. The decision to amputate one of her front flippers was made due to injuries most likely sustained from a shark attack. Despite the setback, Chomper responded well to the treatment administered at the NADC, including fluids, painkillers, anti-biotics and a specialised diet with supplements.

Chomper has spent the last 5 months in NADC care, where her carers have ensured she is in optimum condition for release. Although she only has three flippers, there is significant evidence showing that three-flippered turtles still do very well in the wild and will likely continue to breed and lay eggs.

The successful rehabilitation and release of Chomper is a testament to the amazing efforts of the NADC, who have played a fundamental role in her recovery.

Chomper was celebrated at a special event, where the Deputy Premier Roger Cook and Minderoo Foundation CEO John Hartman helped carry Chomper safely to the water’s edge.

“The Minderoo Exmouth Research Lab is dedicated to supporting the science that will improve ocean health and resilience, and marine turtles are a critical species for biodiversity and the health of Ningaloo,” John Hartman said.

“Minderoo Foundation is very pleased to be able to support the rehabilitation of Ningaloo turtles with the Shire of Exmouth and the invaluable work of the volunteers.”

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