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oceans to
a flourishing

School of great barracudas

Ocean ‘roadhouses’ are locations where fish come to feed, breed, and socialise.

What we do

A flourishing ocean is one that can withstand a changing climate and increasing human pressures. It’s healthy, resilient, and free from pollution with a plentiful biomass of fished species.

Our key objective is to return our oceans to a flourishing state by eliminating overfishing and marine pollution and facilitating world class research.

Underwater  Scuba diver explore and enjoy  Coral reef  Sea life

Australia is a global leader in many areas of ocean research. An increase in protection of marine parks allow species of fish to flourish and thrive.

How we do it

Using the best existing data sources, and with an investment in new data and methods, we are developing a Global Fishing Index to provide accurate and credible data. This will ultimately help us understand the problem of overfishing and the driving forces behind it.

We are committed to a clean ocean, advocating for and investing in a circular economy, optimising clean-up operations and launching an online global pollution map

We are committed to making Western Australia a hub for world-class marine conservation research, by providing state-of-the-art facilities to Australian and international scientists.

Why we care

The ocean is a primary source of nutrition and contains the most diverse and numerous lifeforms on the planet. It is of critical significance to human survival, health and wellbeing.

A flourishing ocean can provide sustainable food, drinkable water, and clean energy through technological innovations and policy change.

We all have an obligation to ensure the vast seas under Australian control are managed sustainably.

Shiver of reef sharks


Flourishing Oceans Proposed Research Capabilities