Mission: Resilient Communities

What if every community could mitigate disaster risk?


Sallianne with volunteers from the Turramurra Sikh Temple in Mogo. Photo Credit: Fire Fund Team.

The mission

Our goal by 2025 is to lift Australia’s 50 most vulnerable communities to be on par with Australia’s 50 most resilient communities by helping communities to access the support and resources to mitigate their disaster risk and bounce back stronger.

Our journey started in January 2020 while Australia was still burning. Our team was deployed into towns and regions affected by the bushfires to gain an understanding of what each community needed. Communities visited included Kangaroo Island and Woodside in South Australia; Armidale, Wytaliba, Tenterfield, Torrington, Drake, Moruya, Mogo, Malua Bay and Merimbula in New South Wales; and Mallacoota and Bairnsdale in Victoria.

We met with people who had lost their homes, livestock, infrastructure and businesses and listened to their stories. We are so grateful for all those who shared their stories.

Our approach

As the climate changes, many communities will face more frequent fires and floods, and the effects of these will be even more widespread. Across Australia, the resilience of communities to disaster is highly varied. Around one-third of Australia’s population lives in highly resilient regions while nearly one-half of Australia’s population live in regions that have a low-to-moderate level of disaster resilience.

Communities in highly resilient regions tend to have healthy social fabric, diverse and vibrant economies, and robust built environments. This sets them up with strong coping capacity to prepare for and bounce back from disasters. They also have the institutions and networks to learn and adapt over time.

bush fire destruction with home

Aerial view of Australia’s bush fire destruction. Photo Credit: mikulas1.

Areas of focus

The Resilient Communities Mission will use the blueprint evidence base to identify outcome-based targets for the following priorities:



Empower and enable local leaders to develop and enact resilience plans.



Simplify access to resources before, during and after a disaster event.



Accelerate new models of resilience education, training and accreditation for generational change.



Accelerate new investment models to help shift the balance of investment from recovery to resilience.

Our missions

Fire Shield

Reducing the impact of fires through better detection, information sharing, prediction and response.

Resilient Communities

Lifting resilience in vulnerable communities through access to support and resources.

Currently viewing

Healthy Landscapes

Optimising for risk reduction and natural ecosystem resilience.

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