National bushfire simulation

It is critical that we continue to improve our ability to detect, predict, and respond more effectively to bushfires.


A fire rages in Bobin, 350km north of Sydney – November 9, 2019. Photo Credit: Peter Parks / AFP via Getty Images.

Forecasting the spread of fire is a powerful tool and as a result, bushfire simulators have become deeply integrated into the work of fire and land management agencies. There is strong recognition in the land and fire management sector of the need for a next-generation fire simulation capability, taking advantage of improvements in technology, software, fire behaviour science and making use of improved data.

Minderoo Foundation is working with the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) to fast track the development of a National Bushfire Simulation Capability. This system will conduct predictive simulation modelling of fire behaviour using real-time fire, fuel, topography and weather inputs. With this support, this next-generation simulation capability will be introduced into operations across state and territory fire and emergency services units nationally by April 2023.

“This National Bushfire Simulation Capability is a joint project AFAC is progressing with CSIRO. We are pleased Minderoo Foundation will support the development of the National Bushfire Simulation Capability, as part of our goal to ensure that fire services are equipped with the right technology to help them protect communities across the country.”

Stuart Ellis AM, former CEO Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council

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