Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund

Views of World Heritage Blue Mountains Area Following BushfiresViews of World Heritage Blue Mountains Area Following Bushfires

Fire damaged country in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area near the town of Blackheath, Australia. Photo Credit: Brook Mitchell via Getty Images.
Minderoo Foundation is offering co-contribution support for projects aimed at lifting resilience in regional communities

The NSW government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund (BLER Fund) is providing up to $250 million to support projects that support social and economic recovery and reduce the impact of future natural disasters in 47 regional NSW local government areas that were affected by the 2019-20 bushfires.

Minderoo Foundation is seeking expressions of interest from applicants to the current round of the NSW BLER Fund, whose projects are closely aligned to Minderoo Foundation’s missions and priorities outlined in its Fire and Flood Resilience Blueprint and which progress a charitable purpose.

Where Minderoo Foundation determines, at its discretion, that a project is closely aligned to Minderoo Foundation’s missions and priorities and progresses a charitable purpose it may elect to provide a letter of support for that project for inclusion in the application to BLER Fund and a contribution to funding of that project in an amount of up to 10 per cent additional to the cash investment the applicant ultimately receives from the BLER Fund for that project.

Any funding to be provided by Minderoo Foundation will be subject to the terms and conditions set out in a formal agreement between Minderoo Foundation and the successful applicant.

Minderoo Foundation’s Fire and Flood Resilience Initiative has an interest in supporting projects which meet its criteria and are within the following categories:

Social and Community Development

Projects that focus on developing local level resilience and community mental health, for example:

  • Locally focused events and resilience programs with the potential to be scaled to other locations
  • Community Youth and Mental Health Programs with a focus on disaster resilience
  • Work ready training programs related to resilience and land management

Natural Environment & Resource Development

Projects which aim to regenerate and restore the landscape and biota while improving long term disaster resilience, for example:

  • Regeneration activities with a focus on disaster risk reduction
  • Restoration and improvement of parkland and natural resources with a focus on disaster risk mitigation

Built Environment Adaptation

Projects which focus on new innovations for fire detection and response and new solutions for energy, communications and infrastructure resilience, for example:

  • Scalable fire-resistant infrastructure solutions
  • Novel energy and communications security solutions
  • New fire detection, information sharing and response technologies

Register your interest

To register your interest and arrange a time to discuss your project with a member of our team, please supply a brief description against the outlined criteria and mission objectives using the online form.

Applications to the NSW government’s BLER Fund close at 2pm on the 28th of January 2021. Applications for Minderoo Foundation’s support have now closed.

More information on the BLER Fund program and guidelines is available on the NSW government website.

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