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Dream Summit

We want to expose Indigenous start-ups to the skills and tools required to grow their businesses.


Dream Summit is a forum for emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs that have started working on a business idea and are seeking support to reach the next level.


Create social impact, complementing and supporting the people, programs, organisations and incredible work already happening in the growing space of Indigenous entrepreneurship.

The purpose

Indigenous procurement policies are increasing market demand for Indigenous businesses. To help meet this demand, Dream Summit exposes Indigenous start-ups to the skills and tools required for growth. We are passionate about helping Indigenous businesses leverage the fourth industrial revolution’s opportunities. Economic development is crucial to creating parity.

The process

We invited Indigenous start-ups to attend a two-day Summit where participants were guided through a structured skill-building, mentoring and educational process. Indigenous mentors helped participant groups to refine, validate, prototype and pitch their work to venture capital investors.

2019 Winners

Minderoo Seed Funding Winners

Austrade Landing Pad Winner

  • Pearlii – Dr Kyle Turner (Melbourne, VIC)

EY Growth Accelerator Program Winners

  • The Jummi Factory
  • Pearlii
  • Ochre Sun – Alana Kennedy (Townsville, QLD)

Wayne Quilliam Art Prize Winner

  • Yingarna – Kirsten Atkinson (Coffs Harbour, NSW)

Project members

Shelley Cable
Chief Executive Officer, Generation One