Together, we can

make paediatric,

brain and

cervical cancers

non-lethal within

a generation


Cancer causes one in every six deaths globally

Cancer does not discriminate, yet significant inequity exists in patient access to high-quality care and in the impact of cancer on vulnerable communities, particularly in rural and remote regions and in developing countries.


Around the world, researchers and clinicians are working hard to improve outcomes for cancer patients, yet it’s clear we must join forces globally to reimagine how advancements in data and technology impact cancer research.

Fragmented and siloed data is a universal challenge in cancer care. Through connecting data sets and working directly with patients to aggregate their anonymised data, we can maximise insights for the benefit of all.

The next decade will see a transformative era in cancer care, as new technologies and approaches to prevention, screening, diagnostics, treatment and survivorship become available. Minderoo Foundation is supporting critical technology, infrastructure and data sharing, and bringing multidisciplinary experts together to lead innovative programs of excellence.


With our many partners we’re working to make paediatric, brain and cervical cancers non-lethal through:

Cancer Prevention

Reducing the burden on people and healthcare systems through effective cancer prevention.

We are focused on educating for prevention, supporting access to cervical cancer screening and immunisation programs in the Western Pacific, and preventing the addiction of new smokers.

Personalised Cancer Care

Accelerating personalised, evidence-based cancer care and reducing inequities in treatment access.

We aim to improve outcomes for brain and paediatric cancer patients by personalising treatment, increasing access to new therapeutics and accelerating system-wide change.

Unlocking Patient Data

Unlocking global datasets by empowering patients to share their medical information.

We are developing a worldwide federated platform to share de-identified patient data to accelerate research.

Enabling Infrastructure

Investing in world-first infrastructure and technology to support our programs.

We are enabling greater collaboration and faster translation of research to frontline patient care.


some major impacts delivered by the initiative:

Program to eliminate cervical cancer in the Western Pacific established

A first-of-its-kind humanitarian and research effort to eliminate cervical cancer in the Western Pacific is now underway, through a partnership involving Minderoo Foundation, the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Cervical Cancer Control (C4) and in-country partners.

Rising up to reduce the risk of a new generation becoming addicted to nicotine

We support research, policy, and health promotion activities which build awareness that e-cigarettes, or vapes, represent a dangerous gateway into smoking for non-smokers and young people.