Photo Credit: Telethon Kids Institute.


CoLab – Collaborate for Kids

Bringing people together to improve service delivery and community capacity to better meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

The CoLab partnership

A child’s early years – from conception to the start of school – set the foundation for his or her future wellbeing and success.

CoLab is a partnership between Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids Institute which aims to bring together the expertise of families, clinicians, educators, policy makers, other practitioners, and researchers to improve the development and learning of Australian children.

Our process

CoLab is committed to supporting integrated approaches that build sustainable empowerment in individuals and communities. CoLab provides a platform to enhance early childhood development and learning to ensure young children in Australia develop, learn and thrive.

CoLab is leading major initiatives centered on our three enduring priorities:

  • Economic understanding of early childhood services;
  • Place-based approaches for families and communities;
  • Children and families experiencing vulnerability.

The CoLab partnership is responsible for the following projects. You can learn more about them in Related Projects below:

Our motivation

The early years of life are characterised by significant opportunity, rapid change and accelerated development. This is unparalleled in any other subsequent stage of life.

Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids Institute recognise that in order to improve the future for children, non-traditional partners need to work together over a sustained period of time, with a focus on families, places and communities. It is critical we collaborate to ensure every Australian child gets the best possible start in life.

We need to combine efforts and share knowledge to ensure every Australian child gets the best possible start in life. For more information on CoLab visit our website.


CoLab is leading major initiatives centred on our enduring priorities:

  • Lifting awareness and changing attitudes of the population – for example through the Core Story project, Bright Tomorrows Start Today campaigns, and other campaigns;
  • Building enabling conditions for parents and families  through the creation of a parenting app;
  • Working in partnership to lead innovation and measure results of early childhood system interventions and place-based services. One example is the Early Years Initiative;
  • Disrupting and leading social policy changes – including through the Child Development Atlas, and the preparation of economic analysis, report cards, policy and research translation papers.

Project members

Jay Weatherill
Chief Executive Officer, Thrive by Five