Bali Process Government and Business Forum 2018


Bali Process Government and Business Forum

Harnessing the power of collaboration between government and business to eliminate modern slavery from global supply chains.

The forum

The Bali Process Government and Business Forum brings together government ministers and senior business leaders to determine methods of addressing human trafficking, forced labour, modern slavery and the worst forms of child labour in the Asia Pacific region.

Bali Process

The Government and Business Forum gets influential leaders from across the region into one room to develop practical, regional solutions to address modern slavery – no small task.

It runs alongside the Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime, a multilateral forum of 45 member states and four international organisations, and develops recommendations through extensive consultation with business, government and civil society.

Our purpose

The Asia Pacific is the world’s largest region, accounting for about 56 percent of the world’s population. The region is also responsible for modern slavery on a shocking scale.

Walk Free estimates 24.9 million men, women and children are living in modern slavery in the Asia Pacific, or 62 per cent of the global estimate of 40.3 million. The region has the highest number of victims across all forms of modern slavery, accounting for 68 percent of those forced to work by state authorities and 64 percent of those in forced labour exploitation.

No one individual, business or country can bring an end to this pervasive, transnational crime – collaboration is crucial. A coordinated regional approach must be taken if we want to eradicate modern slavery from within our borders and our global economy.

Acknowledge the scale of the problem.

Act to strengthen responses.

Advance our collective efforts.


Perth, Western Australia 2017:

Ministers, senior business leaders and government officials from 45 countries gathered to launch the Government and Business Forum and develop a blueprint for action.

Nusa Dua, Bali 2018:

The Acknowledge, Act, Advance (AAA) Recommendations (a three-pronged strategy to eradicate modern slavery) was endorsed by government and business leaders representing 45 member states. It is the first regional policy document tackling modern slavery to be agreed by both the public and private sectors.

Project members

Charlotte Gwynn
Project Analyst
Serena Grant
Business & Engagement Manager