How you can take action

calling for change for Australian women and children

When women raise their voices as one, calling for change to make Australia fairer for all, we are powerful. With many voices and one message, we will be heard.

– Nicola Forrest AO – Co-Founder and Co-Chair, Minderoo Foundation

Thank you for supporting women across Australia to demand a better future. You are a crucial part of creating this change.

To help you, we have developed a range of resources, all here on this page.  You can download these materials and use them on your social media accounts, share them with your friends and family, take them to your workplace, to your children’s school or any place where you connect with other women and like-minded men.

By raising our voices together, we can, and we will be heard!

Add your voice

Demand more for our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, aunties, friends – and our country by signing our petition.