No plastic waste

Clean oceans through technological innovation and policy change.

Our motivation

Plastic pollution is the biggest and most imminent health and environmental threat facing our planet.

It is in our rivers, oceans and communities. It is in our air, water, rain and snow. About 220 Mt of plastic waste is dumped in our environment every year.

And yet, the amount of plastic we are making, and the waste we produce as a result, is rapidly increasing at an ever-growing rate.

We can solve this problem by creating a circular economy where plastic is considered a commodity, rather than wasted after its first use.

What does this project do?

We propose that, rather than wasting plastic, we reuse it to make new plastic. We keep plastic in a circular economy, and out of our environment.

Right now, it’s not economic to make good, recycled plastic. It simply can’t compete with the plastic made from fossil fuels. We need an economic shift. How will we do it?

The global timebomb of plastic waste can only be defused by an equally global, market-driven solution. Only industry has the reach, speed and power to tackle this crisis with the urgency we need.

We are asking industry to make a ‘Sea the Future’ voluntary contribution on plastic produced from fossil fuels.

Our process

‘Sea the Future’ will make fossil-fuel-based plastics more expensive to produce, more valuable to collect, and will tip the scales in favour of re-using the plastics we already have.

It will drive demand for recycled plastics, which in turn will drive collection and recycling efforts.

It will bring innovative recycling technologies into the forefront, making them competitive against the production of plastic from fossil fuels.

If, with the benefit of regulatory approvals, industry embraces the ‘Sea the Future’ initiative, tens of billions of dollars can be collected every year to support the new circular economy and directly deal with the environmental problems.

How you can help
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Contact a company

There are trillions of pieces of plastic manufactured from fossil fuels and sold each year. If the major resin producers embrace ‘Sea the Future’ then we will have broken the back of the problem. You can let these companies know you care about the detrimental impact of plastic waste.

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Project members

Daniel Stacey
Chief Development Officer
Asha McNeill
David Tickler
Research Lead – Global Fishing Index
Emily White
Project Coordinator
Luca Giacovazzi