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Minderoo Pictures

Supporting screen projects to build movements, change minds, and improve the world.

Stories to change the world

Minderoo Pictures is a social impact film enterprise supported by Minderoo Foundation. Minderoo Pictures recognises that exceptional storytelling can cut across cultures and spark momentum and change.

Minderoo Pictures aims to support ambitious film and screen projects that will build movements, change minds, and improve the world. To tackle the toughest, most persistent issues, film needs to inspire, educate, and entertain. Minderoo Pictures works with creative and financial partners from across the globe to create distinctive and powerful films that will address the most urgent issues facing the world today.

Minderoo Pictures has four projects underway, including a collaboration between Academy-Award winning director Louie Psihoyos (The Cove, The Game Changers) and Josh Murphy (Artifishal), and projects with filmmakers Robert Connolly (The Dry), Michael Cordell (Bondi Rescue), Maggie Miles (High Ground) and Emily-Anyupa Butcher.

Working with Minderoo Pictures

Minderoo Pictures will work with production partners on projects that address and amplify the work of Minderoo Foundation.

In particular, Minderoo Pictures will invest in projects that have:

  • Clear alignment with the objectives and missions of Minderoo Foundation’s global initiatives;
  • A strong creative team, that is best positioned to execute the film’s vision;
  • A clear pathway to audiences and a compelling impact plan;
  • The greatest potential for impact and returns on Minderoo Pictures’ investment.


How does Minderoo Pictures support projects?

Minderoo Pictures provides philanthropic support to films, at all stages of the value chain, including development, production and release. Minderoo Pictures will take an equity position in the projects that it supports, so that any project returns are able to be recycled into future projects.

Does Minderoo Pictures work with other financial partners?

Minderoo Pictures is keen to leverage its support, so we encourage producers to bring other financial partners – philanthropic or otherwise – to the table.

What are Minderoo Pictures’ selection criteria for choosing projects to invest in?
  • Subject matter: Which of Minderoo Foundation’s key initiatives does the project directly align with?
  • Creative treatment: How is this story going to be told, and who is going to be telling it?
  • Impact: How will this project raise global awareness, change behaviour and shift culture? What impact plans are in place?
  • Capacity: What other industry and non-industry partners are on board and how will they leverage the potential investment from Minderoo Pictures?
What sort of creative or editorial position does Minderoo Pictures intend to take?

Minderoo Pictures will be an active partner in the projects it supports, taking a constructive creative and financial role, while recognising that each project will have different requirements.

What types of projects will Minderoo Pictures consider?

Minderoo Pictures will consider any screen project that is able to demonstrate that it meets the criteria outlined above.

Strong impact feature documentaries are highly encouraged; however drama projects will also be considered, and compelling factual series. Online series or one-offs will be considered in exceptional circumstances where they can demonstrate a strong audience pathway and impact potential.

At what stage of development does Minderoo Pictures become involved in a project?

Minderoo Pictures will consider investment in both development and production, or support for the release of the film – or possibly all three. It will also consider funding a stand-alone impact campaign for a finished project that it deems worthy of support.

Does Minderoo Pictures take unsolicited project submissions?

Minderoo Pictures will not consider unsolicited project proposals.

Minderoo Pictures will actively engage with the independent production sector regarding its priorities and objectives and will scope for potential production partnerships as part of this engagement.