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employment parity with and for Indigenous Australians

Our mission is to create parity with and for Indigenous Australians, within one generation

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What we do

The fastest way to create parity is through meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities – jobs that empower people to take charge of their own lives and create hope. We support employment outcomes through partnerships that focus on training, education, and social policy reform.

We work with partners to secure employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians through our ‘demand-led’ training approach, as well as advocacy for employment and social policy reform. The demand-led approach focuses on securing employment for candidates prior to training, coordinating job-ready development programs to help candidates, and linking service provider payments to long-term outcomes.

Why we act

We believe all Australians deserve equal opportunity to reach their full potential. We should all have an equal shot at receiving an education, entering training, and securing meaningful employment. With the tremendous disparity that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, Generation One work to bridge the employment gap through innovative thinking and partnering with communities.

Creating parity in our generation is an audacious, challenging, and at times overwhelming goal, but we strive for it because allowing this disparity to continue is not an option.


We work to create parity by partnering with Indigenous Australians to co-design practical, scalable solutions. We have the flexibility and independence to work collaboratively with Indigenous communities, government agencies, businesses, individuals and not-for-profits.

Our Targets

Each of our projects are measured on its impact towards our ultimate goal – achieving parity in one generation.

  • Building the capability of Indigenous Australians to secure sustainable employment
  • Supporting safe and healthy communities by reducing the levels of harm underpinned by alcohol consumption, illicit drug use and gambling by limiting access to cash and preventing the purchase of alcohol or gambling products
  • Empower individuals through job-specific employer-directed training
  • To partner the Commonwealth Government, industry and Indigenous leaders to drive change in Indigenous employment policy and programs to improve employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians
  • Undertake timely and effective critique of the Australian Indigenous employment system, review international good practice and prepare a final Indigenous Employment Report with key recommendations for change

Dream Venture Masterclasses

The Dream Venture Masterclasses is a first of its kind program that is dedicated to equipping Indigenous Australians with the connections, capabilities and access to capital to become investor-ready.