Sustainable Seafood Guide for consumers

Make informed choices when buying or ordering seafood. Ask what it is, where it came from, and how it was produced. Find out more in this handy consumer guide from Minderoo Foundation’s Flourishing Oceans initiative.

To support healthy oceans, ask three key questions before buying or ordering seafood.
  1. What is it? Find out exactly what species you’re buying. Labels such as “white fish” or “flake” can include endangered species.
  2. Where is it from? In some countries, like Australia, a high proportion of seafood consumed locally is imported. In Australia, 65 per cent is imported. It could have been caught illegally, or in waters where fish stocks are on the verge of collapse. It may have been caught, processed or packaged by people living in modern slavery.
  3. How was it caught? Try to buy hook and line or trap-caught fish. Methods such as trawling or dredging have devastating effects on the ocean.

If you can’t find reliable answers, look for a label and choose seafood endorsed by Fairtrade, the MSC blue fish tick, BAP certification or GlobalG.A.P.