Molecular Screening

and Therapies (MoST)

Clinical Trials


Supporting clinical trials of new treatments for rare cancers

Australians diagnosed with rare or less common cancers face a significantly worse prognosis compared to those with more common cancers, because they have less access to clinical trials and there are fewer approved therapies available.

Minderoo Foundation is supporting two clinical trials that are improving access to new treatments for Australian patients with rare cancers, including brain cancer, through a partnership with OMICO’s Molecular Screening and Therapeutics (MoST) study.

OMICO is a national network of research and treatment centres supporting cancer clinical trials that target the specific genetic structure of a tumour. Central to this is the use of molecular screening for the treatment of cancer of all enrolled patients, providing personalised treatment recommendations based on novel biomarkers.

OMICO’s molecular screening program identifies patients in extreme need with the right genomic profile for these two trials, offering access to promising treatments.

Connecting the dots with

the Federated Cancer Data Alliance

This project is contributing genomic and clinical data to Minderoo Foundation’s Federated Cancer Data alliance, which connects harmonised and de-identified cancer patient data, creating a platform to promote global collaborative research.