cancer care


Genomics and personalised medicine have the potential to transform cancer care and survival

Our goal is to ensure the promise of breakthrough technologies and clinical research insights can be made accessible as quickly as possible to all those diagnosed with cancer.

We focus on brain cancer and childhood cancers, where barriers exist around equal access to new treatments and funding is limited.

We support the implementation and scale-up of genomic screening to establish personalised cancer care pathways, and provide more treatment options by funding clinical trials of targeted treatments or emerging therapeutics, including into rural, remote or poorly served communities.


Our projects:

Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme

Establishing the infrastructure and integrated workflow for the first ever precision medicine system for brain cancer patients in the UK.

Minderoo 5G Platform Trial for Brain Tumours

Offering access to new and promising therapeutics through ‘A next Generation AGile Genomically-Guided Glioma Modular Platform Trial for Molecular Therapy in Brain Cancer’ (5G).

Molecular Screening and Therapies (MoST) Clinical Trials

Offering Australian patients access to emerging and targeted treatments for rare and hard-to-treat cancers — including brain cancer and aggressive fibromatosis — through genomic screening and two clinical trials.

Rare Cancers (MoST-CIRCUIT) Clinical Trial

Offering life-saving immunotherapy to patients with rare cancers — including those in rural and remote Australia. This trial uses a combination of two targeted immunotherapy drugs which have been approved for other more common cancers.

Zero Childhood Cancer Precision Medicine Program (ZERO)

Scaling our collaboration to ensure every child in Australia diagnosed with cancer can access comprehensive genomic profiling and personalised treatment recommendations. ZERO identifies less toxic and more targeted treatments that give the best chance of survival and help to avoid long-term health problems.

Liver Cancer Collaborative

Building a biorepository of clinical and genomics data to help address the growing global challenge of primary liver cancer, through multidisciplinary collaboration.

RAVEN Clinical Trial

Supporting a landmark trial in New Zealand of two promising drugs for children and young adults who have relapsed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, RAVEN is the first to examine the efficacy of combining these drugs with standard chemotherapy.

Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission Secretariat

As a founding member, supporting the Mission to deliver a transformative portfolio of clinical, research, training and drug development programmes to tackle brain tumours in the UK.


Setting a New Benchmark for treatment with the Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme