Education for

cancer prevention


Promoting healthy lifestyle choices

Around 90 per cent of preventable cancers are caused by five modifiable health behaviours – tobacco smoking, poor diet, being overweight or obese, excessive alcohol consumption, and UV radiation.

Prevention is the most effective way to reduce the cancer burden, which is why Minderoo Foundation supports a range of programs that promote healthy lifestyles and overall wellbeing. We have a particular focus on Australia’s rural and regional areas, where the incidence and death rates from preventable cancers are higher than in metropolitan areas.

By supporting multi-faceted programs that target these modifiable health behaviours, Minderoo and our partners are working to empower and educate people to make healthier lifestyle choices today which will reap benefits throughout a hopefully long and cancer-free future.

Acknowledging each community has unique and diverse needs, our strategy prioritises programs and partners that identify and address the social and cultural determinants that are at the heart of meaningful behavioural change.

In doing so, we look to back well designed and sustainable programs with a pragmatic approach to supporting the long-term needs of the populations they seek to serve.