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Clinical Trial Network

To improve access to clinical trials for patients by establishing an interactive network of trial sites.

What does this project do?

We believe new treatments should be brought to patients, rather than patients having to travel to receive help. To do this, we are establishing a network of sites across Australia that can rapidly identify patients suitable for new trials, utilising artificial intelligence software to accelerate patient-to-trial matching. In parallel, we are working with companies to bring more trials into Australia.

We aim to significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with establishing a trial by harmonising governance, accelerating ethics approval processes and improving site-level capabilities. Ultimately, patients benefit with easier access to a broader range of trials in their local area.

Our motivation

Research is essential to the discovery of new treatments. For patients with cancer, we need a better and quicker way to identify and increase the number of accessible trial opportunities to eliminate the need for a patient to travel interstate or overseas.

The project works with potential trial sponsors to establish trials within the Collaborate Against Cancer network, giving patients access to potentially life-saving medicine that may not have been not destined for Australia or made available at multiple sites.

Our targets

In Australia, Collaborate Against Cancer has launched a country-wide collaborative trials platform with three major cancer centres – Linear Clinical Research, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Research Centre, and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. The network is in the process of expanding locally.

Our long-term goal is that any patient being treated at one of the centres as part of the Collaborate Against Cancer Clinical Trial Network will have access to greater treatment options, including participation in a relevant clinical trial.

Project members

Steve Burnell
Director, Collaborate Against Cancer