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Minderoo Foundation
Established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001, we are a modern philanthropic organisation seeking to break down barriers, innovate and drive positive, lasting change. Minderoo Foundation is proudly Australian, with key initiatives spanning from ocean research and ending slavery, to collaboration in cancer and community projects.
Oceanomics-vimeo-photoFlourishing OceansOceanOmics assesses marine biodiversity along Australia’s southwest coast
P4123867a_smlFlourishing OceansIndigenous women take on advanced marine conservation training
flourishing-together-[2500px-W]Generation OneApplications now open for Dream Venture 2023
Gyrinomimis swimming in the deep ocean. Image provided by Monterey Bay Aquarium Research InstituteFlourishing OceansWhy Deep-Sea Mining is Not the Solution for Critical Metals in the Green Economy
President of the Millgrove Residents Action Group (MRAG), Maureen Halit, helps to make the community more resilient during the Australian Resilience Corps Millgrove MustersFire & Flood ResilienceVolunteers support the Millgrove community to be disaster ready
Aerial view of a fishing boat being followed by seagullsFlourishing OceansWe need the same rules for all seafood: Minderoo welcomes consultation on new framework to tackle illegal and undesirable imported seafood
Bathyteuthis Berryi brooding eggs in the deep oceanFlourishing OceansWhat is Deep-Sea Mining and Why We Need to Stop and Re-Think
All single-use disposable vapes are set to be banned in Australia under measures announced by Federal Health Minister Mark Butler in an address to the National Press Club on 2 May 2023Collaborate Against CancerMinderoo Foundation welcomes federal government’s crackdown on vaping
Richard MairCollaborate Against CancerMinderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme tops recruitment milestones at 16-month mark
Minderoo sponsored Microplastix trommelNo Plastic WasteMicroplastix microplastics machine: Minderoo Foundation supports social enterprise, Microplastix, to engineer a new trommel that collections microplastics
DSC01978Collaborate Against CancerUnlocking data to accelerate medical discoveries
Chomper Turtle ReleaseFlourishing OceansMinderoo Foundation Celebrates Successful Rehabilitation and Release of Chomper the Loggerhead Turtle
Drone ShowFlourishing OceansExmouth presents First Lights – Nyinggulu by the Fremantle Biennale
Dr Karen O'Connor, Fire Shield Mission Lead, Fire and Flood Resilience initiative, Minderoo Foundation in Washington DC overlooking Capitol HillFire & Flood ResilienceXPRIZE launches competition to end extreme bushfire events
Deepest snail fish found off the coast of JapanFlourishing OceansMonsters or masters of the deep sea? Why the deepest of deep-sea fish aren’t as scary as you might think
Collaborate Against CancerUrgent need to address variations in brain cancer care and research, major UK report finds
Coral juvenileFlourishing OceansWorld-first selective breeding of Ningaloo corals to fight impacts of climate change
Australia's Ambassador to Ukraine, Bruce Edwards, is joined by Representatives from Poland's Strategic Reserves Agency and the European Commission's Response Team for the handover of 169 power generators to Ukraine's State Emergency Service as part of a relief effort funded by Minderoo Foundation.Minderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation deepens commitment to Ukrainian people with emergency power donation
Lata and AmandaArts & CultureMinderoo Pictures expands production team as it pursues global slate of screen projects
Gloria_4WDCollaborate Against CancerLandmark Initiative to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in the Western Pacific Officially Launched in Papua New Guinea
Gen Vape ForumCollaborate Against CancerUrgent action needed to curb young people’s access to vapes, advocacy forum hears
Rosa Otunbayeva InitiativeThrive by FiveIntegrating science, culture and anthropology: A new journal article discusses Thrive by Five International’s novel scientific framework
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Packed with Stretch FilmNo Plastic WasteMinderoo demands toxic chemical ban in light of research that some plastic harms humans
GettyImages-1285251813-2Flourishing OceansLeading philanthropies pledge USD $5 million to support developing countries in adopting an ambitious high seas treaty
Fish and staghorn coral Coral Spawn ScientistsFlourishing OceansMajor new commitments from the United Kingdom and Minderoo Foundation for coral reefs 
Mussel ReefFlourishing OceansNew shellfish reefs brought to life in the Swan-Canning Estuary
01Thrive by FiveNon-profit Mission in Health Care and Development and Minderoo Foundation launch early childhood program CinqPrèmieres in the DRC
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-13 at 1.14.36 PMThrive by FiveMAPECE and Minderoo Foundation launch Thrive by Five – MyANAK parenting program in Malaysia
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlourishing OceansMinderoo Foundation joins alliance to pioneer resilience through ocean finance
Fishing boat at seaFlourishing OceansMinderoo leads plan for global action on flag state fishing
IMG_0801Fire & Flood ResilienceNew locally-led partnership set to strengthen disaster resilience across Burnett Inland
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlourishing OceansGame-changing partnership for ocean biodiversity
DJI_09_1Flourishing OceansPanama meeting highlights Minderoo Foundation A$180 million commitment to the ocean
conversation-media-releaseFlourishing OceansSpotting plastic waste from space and counting the fish in the seas: here’s how AI can help protect the oceans
MANG00020Flourishing OceansThey say we know more about the Moon than about the deep sea. They’re wrong.
PXL_20220908_231714078.MP_-1Collaborate Against CancerTaking strides towards a world with ZERO childhood cancer
GettyImages-1340817516Generation OneTargeted response needed to close the gap on Indigenous employment
Fish and staghorn coral Coral Spawn ScientistsFlourishing OceansWhat is Reef Resilience?
Lab-image-level-5-MCCCCCollaborate Against CancerMinderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre takes shape as a family-friendly place of healing and innovation
Malinda WinkArts & CultureGlobal social impact documentary powerhouse Malinda Wink joins Minderoo Pictures
Grangemouth, Scotland. december 2005No Plastic WasteSingle-use plastic production still on the rise, as it threatens to push society further from net-zero climate goals
CAC Liver Cancer CollaborativeCollaborate Against CancerHow growing human mini-livers may reveal valuable clues to curing liver cancer
Moombaki image Duncan WrightArts & CultureRevive National Cultural Policy puts arts at the centre of Australian life 
St Monica's PhotoFire & Flood ResilienceInspiring climate action in future leaders: Students learn how to get ahead of natural disasters
Nathan-2Arts & CulturePerth artist Nathan Beard shares insights from his astute use of Minderoo Artist Fund support  
Cultural Awareness ProgramBuilding CommunitiesMinderoo is in Cahoots…to improve First Nation youths’ mental health, through art!
OceanOmics shipboard labFlourishing OceansOceanOmics assesses marine biodiversity off Cocos Islands
Sir David Martin FoundationBuilding CommunitiesEvidence-based Aftercare program for vulnerable youth expands to Perth
M_GoverNo Plastic WasteMinderoo appoints a sustainability veteran to lead the foundation’s efforts to eliminate the harmful effects of plastics on people and the planet
Thrive by FiveKDI and Minderoo Foundation launch global Thrive by Five early childhood development program in Cameroon
Millgrove ThumbnailFire & Flood ResilienceDisaster prone town bands together to develop resilience plan
Antalya Diplomacy ForumFrontier TechnologyMinderoo Foundation announces eXtended Reality (XR) 2030 policy fund
Greening Australia BurnleyFire & Flood ResilienceSuper seed project underway to help support Australia’s Alpine Ash Forests.
TB5-International_Kyrgyz_cropped_jpgThrive by FiveCo-design is key: A new scientific report details Thrive by Five International’s unique localisation approach
OceanOmics Lab LaunchFlourishing OceansNew research centre to accelerate ocean conservation
NPW-plastic-exposureNo Plastic WasteHow is plastic exposure impacting our health?
Rosa Otunbayeva InitiativeThrive by FiveRosa Otunbayeva Initiative launches national Early Childhood Development Program ‘Beshke Cheyin Ulgur’ in collaboration with Australia’s Minderoo Foundation
MR-JH-Summer-Birch-FundraiserBuilding CommunitiesMinderoo Foundation to double every dollar donated to Christmas appeal for WA’s sickest kids
burnett-riverFire & Flood ResilienceValuing nature, Burnett Mary Region moves Australia to front of race to unlock billions in investment
Australian Resilience Corps volunteersFire & Flood ResilienceNew volunteer corps helps Australians prepare for fires and floods
MANG00020Minderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation calls for moratorium on seabed mining
Plastic sorted and other waste sorted ready for waste treatment.No Plastic WasteRoad to G20: Delterra, Minderoo Foundation and WWF Indonesia announce pledge to scale towards a more circular southern Bali
GettyImages-1340827879Generation OneRecord number of Indigenous Australians employed, but thousands still looking for work
GettyImages-1311303555No Plastic WastePlastic pollution could trigger colossal legal claims against petrochemical industry, amid compelling evidence of serious harm to human health
photo1665998353 (6)Thrive by FiveNew ‘world-first’ parenting program, Besh Qadam, promises to help Uzbek children build brain power
collect-water-sample-for-eDNA-analysisFlourishing OceansDNA reference library a game-changer for environmental monitoring
blueback-posterFlourishing Oceans‘Blueback’ to inspire ocean conservation
Ankur-Sharma-2Collaborate Against CancerHow personalised medicine is guiding a new approach to liver cancer
Close-Up Of Person SmokingCollaborate Against CancerE-cigarettes “easy” for New South Wales teens to obtain illegally, study confirms
GettyImages-1137590799Collaborate Against CancerFresh hope for young leukaemia patients across the Tasman
Jeremy Reid JadeCollaborate Against CancerZERO childhood cancer program to be expanded by end of 2023
MonicaMedinaNo Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation collaborates on a ground-breaking expansion to a global environmental disclosure system to help tackle the plastic pollution crisis
phone-in-hand-stfMedia ReleaseNo Plastic WasteSea The Future announces the appointment of Peter Trueman as CEO
GettyImages-1229601495No Plastic WasteFrom Waste to Commodity: Delivering on the EU’s vision of a circular plastics economy
wfp-brave-commander-ukraineMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation contributes to FAO’s Grain Storage Support Strategy
Fender-and-calf_WatermarkedFlourishing OceansDecades-long study finds endangered whales are having fewer babies
img-dream-venture-gala-2022Generation One$150,000 of seed funding granted to Indigenous businesses
SURFER-PICFlourishing OceansPartnership to accelerate ocean health startups and entrepreneurs
Thrive by FiveMinderoo Foundation launches Thrive by Five early childhood development program in Namibia
zelenskyy-andrew-forrestMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation support package to help ease global food crisis
priscila-goncalves-matt-heydenrych-on-pangaeaFlourishing OceansMinderoo Foundation and Illumina commit up to A$40 million to apply advanced genomics to marine conservation
alexandra-wilemanFlourishing OceansChallenge Impossible: Can the ocean be healthier than it’s ever been?
GettyImages-175409767No Plastic WasteIdentifying the sources of plastic pollution
Swan Canning Drone StillMedia ReleaseFlourishing OceansWork to restore native shellfish reefs gets underway
MollyWright_2021_0013Thrive by FiveOne year on – Molly’s message still resonates around the world
MF-ArtistFund-LaunchEvent-220721-2U4A6107-MRArts & CultureTen new creative projects underway through the Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund
MinderooFoundation-BarryMcGuire-220719-019A6846Minderoo FoundationBarry McGuire joins Minderoo Foundation Board
A,Hand,Hold,Or,Touching,Plastic,Pellets,,,Plastic,PolymerMedia ReleaseNo Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation and Amcor launch partnership to ensure market certainty for plastic waste
DSC06267-sharks-colombiaFlourishing OceansBroad coalition announces support for conserving eastern tropical Pacific
Jon-Sanders-NPW-210131-1772No Plastic WasteMicroplastics found in the vast majority of waters collected by world-renowned yachtsman
PFMCC 1Collaborate Against CancerMinderoo Foundation pledges $10 million to state-of-the-art melanoma and cancer centre
Diamantina Fracture Zone managnese nodules on the seabed DFZ2022-06-23-15h24m23s364Flourishing OceansMillion-year-old ore fields revealed across the East Indian Ocean
3 Cusk fish and a potentially new species of snailfish was collected at the Diamantina Fracture ZoneFlourishing OceansResearchers uncover the deepest fish found off Australia
dream-venture-linked-in-imageMedia ReleaseGeneration One$150,000 up for grabs as Generation One in partnership with Youth Co:Lab, a joint initiative of United Nations Development Programme and Citi Foundation, expands its support for Indigenous Australian entrepreneurs
GettyImages-1295073326Media ReleaseFrontier TechnologyMinderoo Foundation and Google sign agreement for Google to support 24 digital publishers
iei-artwork-coverMedia ReleaseGeneration OneAustralian-first Indigenous Employment Index highlights desperate need to close the employment gap
global-plastic-watch-desktopNo Plastic WasteGlobal Plastic Watch: satellite eyes pinpoint waste from space to reduce ocean pollution
Minderoo-Comprehensive-Childrens-Cancer-Centre-AnnouncementCollaborate Against CancerMinderoo Foundation pledges $20 million to Australia’s first Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre
coral-spawn-colonies-of-Acropora-tenuis-spawningFlourishing OceansCoral spawning success advances Ningaloo climate research
Shelley_Cable-33Generation OneRanger program welcome, but other Indigenous jobseekers deserve more from the federal budget: Generation One
GettyImages-1341427811-retouchedFire & Flood ResilienceBudget 2022-23: Opportunity missed to invest in Australia’s proactive disaster resilience
220324_145_YakamiaCreekLaunchSCNRM-(1)Building CommunitiesImprovements flowing on Yakamia Creek
Sarah-in-Monaco-628A0181Media ReleaseNo Plastic WasteThe Centre Scientifique de Monaco, Boston College and Minderoo Foundation announce the launch of a new global study on human health and plastic pollution
05_Maths_04Frontier TechnologyNew open-source software and report to help companies ‘de-risk’ the growing threat of artificial intelligence
51950800387_61aba87462_3kThrive by FiveEvery parent, of every child, everywhere! – Minderoo Foundation launches global Thrive by Five early childhood development program
OS_MINDEROO_107Fire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation announces $1.5 million to provide flood relief, recovery and build disaster resilience in Queensland and New South Wales communities
51923866703_838e43a88a_oFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation contributes $1 million to Australia Unites: Red Cross Flood Appeal
minderoo-uq-launch-video-placeholderNo Plastic WasteMinderoo lab to detect and measure tiny plastic particles in the human body
shutterstock_1534022372No Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation welcomes global support to combat plastic pollution
shutterstock_1224793831No Plastic WasteUnderstanding the effect of plastic exposure on human health
20220227-FFI-GEM-018Fire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation stands ready to assist with response to Queensland floods
gillian-nicola-tony-biggest-australian-yarnArts & CultureCan you spin Australia’s best yarn?
VonWongNo Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation calls for an ambitious and legally binding global plastic treaty
MF_ArtistFund_Event_210805-2U4A6262WRArts & CultureIndependent WA artists eligible for up to $75,000 for new work
Christos Symeonides_B7A7261No Plastic WasteBuy-now-pay-later: the hidden health costs of plastic
AFI_STILL_796160Fire & Flood ResilienceSupporting communities to build resilience before disasters strike is crucial
dsr-video-poster-01OpinionFlourishing OceansLaunch of Minderoo-UWA Deep-Sea Research Centre reveals the world in the deep east Indian Ocean
Mr-Green-Africa_v1No Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation invests in innovative recycler to accelerate a circular economy for plastics in Africa
sif-leadershipMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation launches $100m female-led impact investing fund
MollyWright_2021_0004Thrive by FiveThrive by Five TED Talk confirmed as the most popular TED Talk of 2021
Man hands on walletBuilding CommunitiesMinderoo Foundation welcomes second Cashless Debit Card issuer and makes recommendations to improve program
report-spotlight-gfi-2021Flourishing OceansNew report finds global fisheries in far worse state than previously estimated
MIND5022-Cream-Tshirts-HRC-RGB-mc-(1)-copyFire & Flood ResilienceStronger together: new Australian volunteer initiative helps prepare and protect communities from fires and floods
fish-reefFlourishing OceansWorld-leading marine research facility officially opened in Exmouth
Clinician-with-patientCollaborate Against CancerThe elusive goal of the Liver Cancer Collaborative
364A5204_L-R_Nicola-Forrest-Richard-Harris-Andrew-Forrest-1Arts & CultureMinderoo Foundation announces global impact film enterprise, Minderoo Pictures
Safiya+Noble+-+MacArthur+3Frontier TechnologyUCLA and Tech Impact Network scholar Safiya Noble awarded MacArthur Fellowship
ShorelineSyd2Generation OneIndigenous students set sail for success on and off the water
Gina NeffFrontier TechnologyProfessor Gina Neff appointed to lead the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, University of Cambridge
Unburned-Alpine-Ash-Rubicon-Valley-VIC_Credit-Tom-FairmanFire & Flood ResilienceFinding ‘super seeds’ to help prevent widespread loss of Australia’s Alpine Ash forests due to climate change
Zero3Collaborate Against CancerChildren’s cancer treatment platform delivering Father’s Day hope across Australia
tiktokFrontier TechnologyAlgorithms promote eating disorders and racist content to teenagers
MF_ArtistFund_Event_210805-2U4A5326WR-smallArts & CultureTen WA artists in running for $50,000 Minderoo Artist Fund Award
A bunch of plastic rubbish that cannot be recycled.No Plastic WasteNew partnership launches quest to measure the toll of plastic pollution in humans
sarah-dunlop-cropNo Plastic WasteProfessor Sarah Dunlop on the search for evidence that plastic chemicals and particles harm your health
MollyWright_2021_0003-smallMedia ReleaseThrive by Five7-year-old reveals how peek-a-boo can change the world in new TED talk
antoine-giret-7_TSzqJms4w-unsplash-editNo Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation’s No Plastic Waste initiative welcomes appointment of new CEO
FLO-MusselSeeding-TheNatureConservancy-21061024Media ReleaseFlourishing Oceans1 million mussels ready to be deployed in the Swan-Canning Estuary to revive shellfish reefs
GettyImages-107897964-smallMedia ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceNew mission to help communities prepare for disasters and bounce back stronger
Caroline-PowerNo Plastic WasteRevealed: Businesses and banks behind global plastic waste crisis
TOPSHOT-AUSTRALIA-FIRE-CLIMATE-HEALTH-ENVIRONMENTFire & Flood ResilienceFire and Flood Resilience Program Proposal
AUSTRALIA-WEATHER-FIRESOpinionFire & Flood ResilienceThe national data sharing agreement will help to bring together rich data sets on disaster resilience
ci_81528813_LargeFlourishing OceansOne of the largest efforts to protect the planet’s ocean underway
ArtistFund_080421-31-small-1Arts & CultureMinderoo Foundation launches industry leading WA artist fund
Photo Taken In Papua New Guinea, Port MoresbyMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerCollaborative cervical cancer program established in the Western Pacific through landmark investment
Bluefin Tuna in NetMedia ReleaseFlourishing OceansResearchers find upgraded protection at Perth Canyon would likely save endangered marine species
TOPSHOT-AUSTRALIA-WEATHER-FIRESFire & Flood ResilienceHow will a national fire simulation tool help manage dangerous fires better?
Flood imageOpinionFire & Flood ResilienceIs one national disaster resilience data platform the best solution to work towards?
cancer van22_5Media ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerNew mobile skin cancer van launched to provide free skin cancer checks to Australians living in remote and regional areas of Victoria and southern New South Wales
Man hands on walletMedia ReleaseGeneration OneWe must close the data gap before we can “Close the Gap”
Female high school students smoking a cigaretteMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerGovernment’s rejection of Tobacco21 legislation puts young Tasmanians at risk of nicotine addiction
ITALY-VIRUS-HEALTHMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationTrial finds arthritis drugs reduce deaths and time in ICU for critical COVID-19 patients
MindarooCBBuoys-BlueMediaExmouthPhotographer_-90Media ReleaseFlourishing OceansNew smart ocean buoys bolster fight against La Niña marine heatwave
GO-IndigenousEmploymentNetwork-01-20-Dec-20-3993Generation OneBacking Black Business: A new report tackling the financial exclusion of Indigenous Australian Entrepreneurs
27052020-16Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation and partners rally to help bushfire affected communities
P1044209-reducedMedia ReleaseNo Plastic WasteSanders’ historic 11th solo circumnavigation uncovers troubling level of plastic pollution in our oceans
Rear_Admiral_Lee_Goddard_DSC06551Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceRoyal Australian Navy Admiral joins Minderoo Foundation to boost resilience efforts
FRF-05Media ReleaseResearchNew Forrest scholars probe mysteries big and very small
AF_Indo MOUNo Plastic WasteIndonesia and Minderoo Foundation share clear vision to reduce plastic waste
Fiona-David-and-Anna-Maria-AAS-MFMedia ReleaseResearchGround-breaking research forum set to expand with Minderoo Foundation commitment
gettyimages-1208940077-2048x2048Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceAir and ground mission launched to slash disaster risk by half
IMG_5462Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation provides funding for innovative school-based fire resilience training
Vaping stockMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerGround-breaking Australian study confirms major concerns over e-cigarette safety
Tristan_Da_Cunha_(249833017)Media ReleaseFlourishing OceansRemote island Tristan da Cunha becomes one of the world’s biggest sanctuaries for wildlife
At the airport with a face maskMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationNew model could slash quarantine time for travellers and turbocharge Australia’s economy
20191009Telethon-7688Thrive by FiveA message from CoLab
Breast cancer patients and survivors attend seminarMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerNational Oncology Alliance targets a 90 per cent survival rate for all Australian cancer patients by 2030
shutterstock_1381858424Media ReleaseNo Plastic WasteGreater transparency across the plastics supply chain crucial to ending ocean plastic pollution
Regrowth Appears In Bushland Following FiresMedia ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation sets missions to achieve Royal Commission recommendations
Jon SandersMedia ReleaseNo Plastic WasteSailing legend makes landfall in Australia after battling storms and equipment failure
PerthAngels-GenOne-Breakfast-201014-9525Generation OneGeneration One and Perth Angels seeking Australia’s first Indigenous ‘angel investor’
Bianca, Stella & BryanMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerFirst results from the ZERO Childhood Cancer program show significant outcomes delivered for kids with aggressive cancers
DSC_0106Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationVital PPE donation boosts COVID-19 fight in Africa
20191009Telethon-2788Media ReleaseThrive by FiveMore than one-in-ten Aussie kids falling behind their peers
Teenager smoking cigaretteMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerT21 economic modelling shows health care benefits far outweigh impact on small business tobacco sales profitability
Fresh fish fillets for sale in seafood storeFlourishing OceansMinderoo Foundation’s submission to the Evaluation of Country of Origin Labelling for Food
Regrowth Appears In Bushland Following FiresMedia ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceRevealed: A plan to stop bushfires becoming deadly
IMG_0740-croppedMedia ReleaseThrive by FiveLeaders, parents, educators, and community call for reform of early learning
DSC_5301Media ReleaseFlourishing OceansExmouth builder awarded contract for new marine research hub
Andrew-Forrest-and-Julia-PowlesMedia ReleaseFrontier TechnologyReformers to reshape tech universe over next five years
WA Announcement_14Fire & Flood ResilienceAdrian Turner on The Greater Good
Minderoo-Muster-Andrew-Forrest-in-Background-April-2012Minderoo FoundationAndrew Forrest announced as 2020 Boyer Lecturer
Launch of Forrest Hall option 1Research$3 million research boost to support ideas and innovation in WA
Jon-Sanders-NPW-210131-1164No Plastic WasteGlobal pandemic hinders, but does not halt, sailing legend’s 11th solo circumnavigation
LIONS-3Fire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation and Lions Club join forces for practical bushfire recovery efforts
WAMXMF_Fiona-Stanley-Arts & CultureWAM and Minderoo Foundation bring music to vulnerable communities across WA
AF_NF_2019Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation a founding partner of global COVID-19 Data Alliance
IMG_8475-cropFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation and the South Australian government collaborate to deliver recovery pods to bushfire-affected communities
GGUFOF_concert_admat_EN_2_concert_email_twitter-extendedMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation joins the Global Goal: Unite for Our Future Concert and Summit
P1322263Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation and A Smart Start join forces to help regional families
Men holding electronic cigarette on colored background backgroundMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerMinderoo Foundation and Lung Foundation Australia collaborate on new e-cigarette research
Steve-Burnell-and-Steve-WebbMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation commits $2 million to expand global COVID-19 trial
family-pod-02Fire & Flood ResilienceFirst larger recovery pod arrives in New South Wales
Roger-Cooke-11Minderoo FoundationHealth Minister thanks Minderoo Foundation for helping WA get back to work
IMG_9749-copyMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation answers the call to help Australia through pandemic
Flynn TalbotMedia ReleaseArts & CultureNew national support program to provide immediate relief for artists
02-09-18_127Media ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerEvery Australian child with cancer to benefit from new $67 million funding boost
MVI_2793Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation’s Security Through Accelerated Testing (STAT) initiative empowers government to defeat COVID-19 in Australia
GettyImages-1209131813_3840X2560Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMission to lift national resilience in uncertain climate
PCH_-08Minderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation commits $1 million to support Australasian COVID-19 Trial
cover_image_webMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation and Tattarang Springs Distillery support Indigenous health organisations with bulk delivery of hand sanitiser
PCH_-11Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation funds vaccine trial to protect WA healthcare workers from COVID-19
La-Sostas-FremantleMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation supports WA community organisations responding to COVID-19
AF_NF_2019-websiteMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationDonations to Minderoo Foundation top $2 billion
AF_SB_COVID_2020-3Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo Foundation announces up to $160 million to fight COVID-19
49532800986_1c095cc986_oMedia ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation Fire Fund joins with Team Rubicon Australia to deploy critical volunteers
image002Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceBushfire victims to benefit from ramp up in recovery pods for NSW
fire-fund-pod-external2Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceFire Fund recovery pods making a difference on Kangaroo Island
wa-fencing-farmers-EditedMedia ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation supports WA farmers on their way to Kangaroo Island bushfire rebuild
Back_Track_2Fire & Flood ResilienceBack on track and building a better future
Back_Track_1-crop-01Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceFarmers and young people to get fire-ravaged fences back on track
69656_212491828894880_1667529696_nFire & Flood ResilienceBlazeAid helping our farmers get back to work
Mallacoota_1Media ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceFire Fund and BlazeAid rebuilding fences across Australia
Mallacoota_1Fire & Flood ResilienceThe aftermath and a new year
Koala-storyFire & Flood ResilienceSelfless Koala carers in the Adelaide Hills
Clyde_Waterman_2Fire & Flood ResilienceOld Man Fire
NeighboursFire & Flood Resilience“Time is a traveler, Tenterfield saddler”
DSCF9892Media ReleaseNo Plastic WasteGlobal adventurers join forces against plastic waste in Cape Town
GettyImages-1198156224-smallMedia ReleaseFire & Flood ResilienceMinderoo Foundation provides funds and resources to bushfire Response, Recovery and Resilience
Media ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerEyes on Tassie after national T21 legislation passes in the US
jay-weatherill-cropThrive by FiveFormer SA Premier Jay Weatherill appointed CEO of Minderoo Foundation’s Thrive by Five initiative
Annual-report-eventMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo takes its 2019 annual report on the road
3979b411-4d01-416d-b49e-32d0ac59c8d9Media ReleaseNo Plastic WasteGlobal explorer arrives in Mauritius
Tobacco21-Kids-SmokingMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerMinderoo Foundation to launch new Tobacco21 ad campaign
IMG_7796-2Media ReleaseFlourishing OceansA new chapter for Exmouth begins today
IMG_1125Media ReleaseNo Plastic WasteMinderoo Foundation and Jon Sanders team up for #NOPLASTICWASTE circumnavigation
bienalle-editArts & Culture“Waterlicht” lights up Freo
Capture4Profile SpotlightGeneration OneNew online sales platform to empower Aboriginal artists
Capture3Profile SpotlightGeneration OneFunding to enable innovative Indigenous fashion network to expand across Australia
Capture2Profile SpotlightGeneration OneGlobal dream for Indigenous sunscreen entrepreneur
Capture1Profile SpotlightGeneration OneSummit prize to build sustainable client base for atypical accountants
CaptureProfile SpotlightGeneration OneFree dental screening and education App aims to boost oral health in rural and remote communities
Aboriginal photographs by Wayne QuilliamProfile SpotlightGeneration OneFunding sows the seeds of hope for native plant processing
bobbie-dad-phoneMedia ReleaseThrive by FiveNew app to help children reach their full potential
COLI Report Launch 2019Media ReleaseThrive by Five15.2 billion reasons why we must change our way of thinking on late intervention
ben-carless-GJ1Ud61umDo-unsplashMedia ReleaseFlourishing OceansExmouth’s new marine research hub to make a splash
KENYA-ENVIRONMENTAL-DAYMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationGlobal industry initiative launched to end plastic pollution
Dream-Summit-Awards-2019Media ReleaseGeneration OneInaugural Dream Summit unearths ‘outstanding’ indigenous business leaders
Caution-icon1Minderoo FoundationStatement on Andrew Forrest investment scam
Three Global ResearchersMedia ReleaseResearch2020 Forrest Fellows announced
Shelley-Cable-jpeg-11Media ReleaseGeneration OneMinderoo Foundation welcomes new Generation One chief Shelley Cable
18 year old boy smokingCollaborate Against CancerWorld Health Organization takes stand on e-cigarettes
Jason-smaller-july-updateCollaborate Against CancerTobacco21 momentum grows as more Tasmanians get behind the campaign
Red dirt road in outback Australia.Media ReleaseArts & CultureMinderoo Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation join forces to connect creative communities across regional WA
Ali-and-WayneBuilding CommunitiesRefugee Week feature: the incredible work of Talent Beyond Boundaries
Jason-tributeCollaborate Against CancerA tribute to Jason Trewin
tobacco-21-smallerMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerTick from Texas a tipping point for Tobacco 21
media-release-steveMedia ReleaseThrive by FiveSteve Clifford to lead Minderoo’s Thrive by Five initiative
026-Nicola-Forrest-May19.-Credit-CoLab-Tony-McDonoughMinderoo FoundationNicola Forrest recognised in 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours
TVC-Jason-Media ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerTough campaign implores Australia to stop smoking before it starts
City skyline and waterfront, Perth, Western Australia, AustraliaMedia ReleaseBuilding CommunitiesMinderoo Foundation pledges up to $2m to help restore Perth’s rivers
Solomon-Island-truckOpinionResearchWhat can mining teach us about cyber-physical systems?
photo-jackMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against Cancer$5 million donation to ZERO Childhood Cancer to help kids like Jack beat brain cancer
Launch of Forrest Hall option2Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationDonations to Minderoo Foundation reach $AU1.5 billion
Men holding electronic cigarette on colored background backgroundOpinionCollaborate Against CancerMinderoo Foundation backs government’s refusal to cave on e-cigs
Caution-icon1Minderoo FoundationStatement on Andrew Forrest bitcoin scam
Impact100-2018Building CommunitiesImpact100: time for a philanthropy shakeup in WA
Man using credit card reader, close-upBuilding CommunitiesUpgrade and extension for the Cashless Debit Card
AUSTRALIA SEALION, KANGAROO ISLAND, AUSTRALIAMedia ReleaseFlourishing OceansFlourishing Oceans backs calls to protect Great Australian Bight
Early-Childhood-investmentThrive by FiveBusiness investment in kids provides ongoing rewards
Brigitte-Smith-headshotMedia ReleaseFlourishing OceansBrigitte Smith to lead Minderoo Foundation’s Flourishing Oceans initiative
Western-Force-promoting-IPES-170918Minderoo FoundationWestern Force show true sportsmanship in support of In-School Parent Employment Service
Flags of  worldThrive by FiveTwenty top economies make early childhood commitment
Man using credit card reader, close-upMedia ReleaseBuilding CommunitiesIndependent report on Goldfields cashless debit card trial finds positive results
telethon-035Media ReleaseThrive by FivePriority on bright future for WA kids welcomed
Manta rays in formationOpinionFlourishing OceansWhy we need to harness brain science to get environmental messages to stick
Mirima National ParkMedia ReleaseBuilding CommunitiesCashless Debit Card recommended to help Kimberley region deal with youth suicide
andrew-hagger-2Media ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMinderoo appoints Andrew Hagger as inaugural CEO
Close-Up Of Person SmokingMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerCalling all Australians to stick to science on e-cigarettes
telethon-088Media ReleaseThrive by FiveGreat Southern shires launch landmark early childhood program
TB5 Midland reportMedia ReleaseThrive by FiveNew report to shape early years services in Midland
SeafoodMedia ReleaseFlourishing OceansStudy finds 40% of seafood comes from fleets with high risk of modern slavery
bub-and-baby-Media ReleaseThrive by FiveNational campaign shows importance of early childhood brain development
Cigarette butts in a public ashtray.Media ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerAustralians call for policy change to tackle youth smoking
Arts-and-culture-awardsMedia ReleaseArts & CultureMinderoo at the State Arts Partnership Awards
Three Global ResearchersMedia ReleaseResearchThree global researchers awarded Forrest Fellowships to study in WA
Customer paying motorcycle mechanic with credit card reader and digital tablet in auto repair shopMedia ReleaseBuilding CommunitiesCashless Debit Card expansion will protect vulnerable Australians
EAC-VTECMedia ReleaseGeneration OneVTEC program expands into prisons to empower job seekers and reduce Indigenous imprisonment rates
Child Development AtlasMedia ReleaseThrive by FiveAustralia-first mapping tool to improve service delivery to children and families launched
Launch of Forrest Hall option 1Media ReleaseResearchForrest Hall launch heralds new era of Australian research excellence
EYI LaunchMedia ReleaseThrive by FiveEarly Years Initiative an unprecedented commitment to youngest West Australians
2018 Forrest ScholarsMedia ReleaseResearchStudents awarded prestigious 2018 Forrest scholarships
JT-CampaignMedia ReleaseCollaborate Against CancerJT campaign leads to overwhelming support in Queensland for raising the cigarette purchase age to 21
Inaugral-Forrest-FellowsMedia ReleaseResearchCongratulations to inaugural Forrest Fellows
CDC-Ben-EditMedia ReleaseBuilding CommunitiesMinderoo drives Cashless Debit Card improvements
400m-AnnouncementMedia ReleaseMinderoo FoundationMajor philanthropic donation to support the arts, culture, community and environment