Blueback can inspire people to help make our oceans flourish again.

Minderoo Foundation is proud to be the education partner for the film adaption of Tim Winton’s best-selling novella Blueback.

To help educators dive deeper into the film we have worked with Cool Australia and ATOM to create education resources for the film.

Do you want to know more about education resources for the film or to be notified when it is available for streaming or on DVD?


A few small changes to the way we live, can make a huge impact on ocean health.


You can now watch Blueback at home. Click here for more information on how you can rent or buy the film.

Blueback Trailer

In cinemas: Blueback opens in cinemas across Australia on 1 January 2023
Streaming services: Coming in 2023

Our Oceans

Film director Robert Connolly, author Tim Winton and actress Mia Wasikowska discuss Blueback and its message of protecting our oceans.