Fisherman emptying net full of fish into hold on trawler
Photo Credit: Monty Rakusen.


Global Fishing Index

Develop an index that allows governments, business and consumers to understand the sustainability of fisheries.

Our process

The Global Fishing Index will create a comprehensive picture of the condition of marine fisheries relative to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 for sustainable fishing. The index will report on fish biomass, management and governance, and the human impact of fisheries, for every relevant country in the world.

We are looking to compile the best available data sources globally and to undertake new data collection to fill gaps where required.

Why the world needs this index

Governments have agreed on a target of bringing all fisheries under sustainable management (SDG14.4), yet progress is difficult to assess. The Global Fishing Index will provide vital information guiding governments towards this target, as well as giving businesses and consumers greater certainty about the sustainability of their investment and purchasing choices.

Contact us if you have research or data to share that you think may be relevant to the Global Fishing Index.

Our target
  • The first edition of the Global Fishing Index will be published in 2020.

Project members

Fiona David
Research Chair
Tony Haymet
Director Oceans
David Tickler
Research Lead – Global Fishing Index