Teegan Toomath with her young son
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In-school Parent Employment Service

To help underemployed young parents on income support secure fulfilling work.

What is the In-School Parent Employment Service?

Funded by the Federal Government and using our demand-led employment approach, the In-School Parent Employment Service (IPES) project supports young parents living in the suburb of Armadale, Western Australia to secure sustainable employment.

If employment support services are co-located at schools, research has demonstrated that vulnerable parents can more effectively engage with service providers through a ‘one-stop-shop’ model to address life challenges.

We engage with local businesses to source jobs for the program and develop individualised plans for young parents to help them achieve 26 weeks in paid employment.

What we do

We partner with five Armadale primary schools to offer employment services for young parents through the school. IPES works with local support services to encourage eligible young parents to sign up and co-design a personal employment plan. We also target local businesses to source jobs for participants – securing jobs from local employers for participating young parents encourages them to complete work-ready and job-specific training.

Reach out to our team if you are a parent on income support who is looking for work, living in the suburb of Armadale, WA, and aged 25 or under.

Our target

We aim to support over 70 young parents to achieve 26 weeks of sustained employment over two years.

Project members

Shelley Cable
Chief Executive Officer, Generation One