Global Slavery Index 2018 cover
Photo Credit: Anna Pogossova.


The Global slavery index

Measuring the extent and risk of modern slavery and the effectiveness of our global efforts to end it.

Why we measure modern slavery

You can’t solve a problem if you can’t measure it. Knowing how and where modern slavery occurs is key to eradicating it. By compiling data about slavery’s prevalence and geographical variation, the Global Slavery Index provides an important starting point for governments, firms, NGOs, faith communities and individuals to act. The Global Slavery Index presents a thoroughly researched, detailed picture of modern slavery as it exists across industries and countries today. It also indicates the actions governments are taking to combat modern slavery and the risks that populations face around the world.

How we do it

Walk Free Foundation uses cutting-edge prevalence estimation techniques including nationally-representative surveys in partnership with Gallup, risk-model extrapolation and Multiple Systems Estimation (MSE) to measure modern slavery globally. We also assess government responses to this issue and vulnerability structures that impact populations around the world.

Use our data to inform action against modern slavery.

Future targets
  • Provide the most comprehensive data on global modern slavery at a country level.
  • Continue to refine our methodology to provide the most accurate modern slavery prevalence, risk and government response data.
  • Use our measurement as a foundational resource for effective advocacy work.
  • Hold governments accountable for their anti-slavery actions.
  • Continuously improve our evidence base to close gaps in the measurement of modern slavery globally.
  • Become the benchmark measure for assessment of progress towards the relevant SDG targets.

Project members

Davina Durgana
Senior Multilateral Engagement Advisor
Elise Gordon
Senior Research Analyst
Jacqueline Joudo Larsen
Lead, Global Research
Katharine Bryant
Lead – European Engagement


Pervasive, Punitive, and Predetermined: Understanding Modern Slavery in North Korea
The Global Slavery Index 2018