CoLab Early Years Initiative
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The Early Years Initiative

Every child in every community has equal opportunity to grow and thrive.

A multi-tiered approach

The Early Years Initiative is a commitment to work differently with communities to improve the development, health and learning of children from conception to age four. The unprecedented 10-year partnership between Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids Institute and the West Australian government will see community leaders, all levels of government, researchers, business and philanthropy join forces to find better ways to design and deliver services.

The how

The Initiative is a place-based approach that will leverage current government investment, activities and services in four communities to identify practices that best improve children’s development and learning. It will empower and support communities to assess the needs of children and families, and identify what works best to help their children thrive.

Let’s think about innovative ways to create a better Australia for our children. Click here for more information on the Early Years Initiative.

The why

In recent years, despite significant effort, there has been little or no improvement in key developmental indicators for young children in many high-needs communities.

Contributing factors include poor service coordination and duplication, limited community involvement in designing initiatives that support young children and their families, and a lack of access at a community level to evidence about “what works” to improve early childhood outcomes. We believe we can help change this.

Project members

Jay Weatherill
Jay Weatherill
Director, Thrive by Five
Tammy Prior
Community Engagement