No Plastic Waste27 Jul 2021

Professor Sarah Dunlop on the search for evidence that plastic chemicals and particles harm your health

Listen to Minderoo Foundation’s Professor Sarah Dunlop as she talks plastics and human health with ABC radio.

Emeritus Professor Sarah Dunlop, Minderoo Foundation’s Director of Health and Medical Research. Photo Credit: Benjamin Horgan via Minderoo Foundation.

Professor Sarah Dunlop, Minderoo Foundation’s Director of Health and Medical Research, Plastics and Human Health, explains to ABC radio listeners how her team is collaborating with scientists across the globe to further research into the impact of plastics on human health and shine a spotlight on this important issue.

One of those important collaborations is a partnership with the University of Queensland that will further research into micro and nano plastics, and the plastic chemicals which leach out of plastic products, in the human body.

“The intriguing and frightening thing for me is that science has only studied a fraction of these chemicals…we need to get to grips with enormity of the problem and completely change the way we think about plastic. At the moment, for example, industry doesn’t have to prove safety before release, rather it’s the science trying to prove harm after release,” Professor Dunlop said.

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