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Sea The Future announces the appointment of Peter Trueman as CEO

Trueman will direct STF’s development of a solution that aims to unlock the supply and demand for recycled plastic.


Sea The Future (STF) — pioneered by Minderoo Foundation — has appointed Peter Trueman as Chief Executive Officer. Trueman joins STF following 30 years of experience driving the performance of businesses and projects in infrastructure and utility organisations.

Trueman, formerly of McKinsey, will direct STF’s development of a market-based solution that provides greater security for investment in recycling by unlocking the supply and demand for recycled plastic.

With pilot projects in the Netherlands, Brazil, and Indonesia, STF will collaborate with its partners — which include global packaging giant Amcor — to develop new sorting and recycling processes that deliver exceptionally high-quality plastics. These will operate with demand certainty, thanks to the offtake agreements from STF’s global partners.

Mark Barnaba, Chairman of Sea The Future, was thrilled to bring such expertise to the project team, stating, “Peter is ideally suited to build and steer this exciting new consortium of leading global brands. He is especially passionate about implementing solutions to man-made problems, and there is now no greater challenge than addressing the rapid increase of plastic waste.

“With plastic an integral part of our lives, and time needed to develop alternative materials fully, we need a short-term solution to ensure we begin to remove significant volumes of plastic waste from the environment. This is no easy task, but strengthening our team with an experienced industry-aligned leader as CEO puts us in the unique position to encourage collaboration across the entire plastic value chain.”

Sea The Future believes that plastic should stay in the economy and out of the environment. STF will accomplish this by entering long-term offtake agreements with its partners, ensuring the commercial viability of new recycling factories and thereby creating a demand for plastic waste, which can then be taken and kept out of the environment.

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