No Plastic Waste04 Mar 2022

Minderoo Foundation welcomes global support to combat plastic pollution

Negotiations are beginning on a legally binding plastics treaty after an agreement was reached at the UN Environment Assembly.

Pressed recycled plastic bottles in bales at an undisclosed recycling facility. Photo Credit: VanderWolf Images via Shutterstock.

Minderoo Foundation has welcomed the decision this week by delegates at the United Nations Environment Assembly, meeting in Nairobi, to begin official negotiations for a legally binding treaty to combat plastic pollution.

The pledge by more than 100 nations, including Australia, will create a legally binding framework for the whole lifespan of plastic; setting standards for reducing production, consumption, and pollution with the goal of ending plastic pollution and its related risks to human health and the environment.

The full scope of the treaty is expected to be defined for ratification by UN members by 2024.

Director of Minderoo Foundation’s Planet portfolio, Dr Tony Worby, described it as a historic moment in the battle against plastic pollution.

“The decision by all UN member states to start work on a treaty is a huge milestone,” Dr Worby said.

“The plastic waste crisis is systemic and a coordinated global response like this is crucial if we’re to see meaningful change.

“Seeing results from the treaty will take time and will require robust leadership. My colleagues and I at Minderoo Foundation will do everything we can to support its success.”

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