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Independent WA artists eligible for up to $75,000 for new work

The Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund, an annual program of grants and residencies supporting independent artists in Western Australia, has launched for 2022.

Minister David Templeman (third from left) and Nicola Forrest with the 2021 Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund recipients. Photo Credit: Emma Dolzadelli via Minderoo Foundation.

Applications are open for the Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund, Western Australia’s most significant philanthropic funding opportunity for mid-career artists.

Now in its second year, the fund is an annual grant and residency program aimed at fostering the creative talent of WA artists across all art forms.

Each year, Minderoo Foundation distributes up to six $25,000 grants for artists to explore or create new work. The fund also offers a range of artist residencies, valued at $10,000 each, at either Forrest Hall in Crawley, Minderoo Station in the Pilbara or at the Minderoo Foundation Exmouth Research Laboratory.

At the end of the funding year, one of the selected artist fund recipients will be awarded a $50,000 prize to further their artistic career.

Minderoo Foundation co-chair Nicola Forrest AO is a passionate supporter of the arts and culture sector.

“The arts play a vital role in our community and economy, and artists need sustainable career pathways,” Mrs Forrest said.

“We were absolutely blown away by the response to the launch of the Artist Fund last year. We know Western Australian artists are incredibly talented, and they are hungry for opportunities to grow and challenge their practice.”

“As we head into our third year living with the pandemic, it is more important than ever to support our arts sector.

“The Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund recognises individual artists are the vital centre of our cultural and creative economy.”

Graham Hay was selected for the 2021 Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund, and recently completed a two-week artist residency at Minderoo Station.

“My experience up at the station was wonderful. It gave me focus; it gave me time out of Perth.

“Normally each year, I travel to exhibit my work. That just hasn’t been possible due to COVID-19.

“The Minderoo residency was a much-needed time out: a change is as good as a rest!

“I worked seven days a week when I was up there. They were long days, but it gave me time and mental clarity to home in and explore my new work. That kind of space is invaluable to the creative process.”

Expressions of Interest for this year’s Minderoo Foundation Artist Fund are now open. Regional artists are particularly encouraged to apply.

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