INdigenous Employment Index


The purpose of the 2024 Index is to build on the insights from the 2022 Index and measure progress by exploring First Nations workplace representation, practices, and employee experiences within Australia to drive true employment parity.

The objectives are to:

  • Elevate First Nations voices on the journey to true employment parity
  • Increase non-First Nations led employers’ capability and accountability for change
  • Identify outcomes-based practices for First Nations employment

The Index will assesses employers against a range of indicators across the following domains:

  • Commitments and Accountability: do employers have strong commitments to First Nations employment, do they report on progress towards targets, and who is held accountable for results?
  • Workplace Culture and Inclusion: how do First Nations employees feel about their workplaces in terms of safety, racism, cultural awareness, cultural load and identity? What practices are in place to support the workforce on their journey to intercultural responsiveness?  
  • Attraction and Recruitment: how do employers attract and recruit First Nations employees, and are these practices effective?
  • Engagement and Development: do employers provide career pathways for development of First Nations employees? Are First Nations employees retained and represented at senior levels?
  • Partnerships and Community: do employers engage with First Nations communities and organisations, including through employment partnerships and their supply chains?
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Who is the Target Audience?


  • Employers who have in place People/HR systems, processes and resources to implement a comprehensive and strategic approach to First Nations employment and have resources to participate
  • Employers who are early on their journey through to those who have been on the journey for many years

Decision Makers and Drivers of Change

  • Boards, senior leadership teams and senior leaders including Head of People, Indigenous Affairs and Diversity & Inclusion and First Nations Advisory groups

Implementors of Cultural Change

  • Reconciliation Action Plan groups; People, Indigenous Affairs and Diversity & Inclusion teams; leaders and line managers

Why Participate?

  • Opportunity to measure First Nations employment in your workforce, understand the impact of evidence based practices, and compare findings against benchmarks
  • Individual Employer Benchmark Report highlighting strengths, opportunities and recommendations based on your responses
  • Generation One provided personalised employer debrief and research informed ongoing support
  • Recognition in being a participant in leading research that advocates and drives change
  • Contributing to national report with deep insights based on quantitative and qualitative insights
  • Contributing to outcome based practical actions as outlined in the interactive Employer Roadmap

What’s Involved?

  • Confirm participation
  • Submit organisational consent form
  • Participate in pre-data collection briefing (if needed)
  • Complete questionnaire on behalf of the organisation focused on strategies, processes and practices
  • Communicate to First Nations employees about the opportunity to participate in interviews or focus groups
  • Participate in participating employers pre-launch briefing


  • April – July 2023
    • Participate in Index 2024 Information Session #1, #2 or #3 (recommended for new employers) or meet with us individually.
  • August – September 2023
    • Confirm participation and submit organisational consent form.
    • Participate in Briefing Session #1 – Data collection (recommended for new employers).
  • October – Mid-November 2023
    • Provide data – organisational questionnaire and communication about interviews/focus groups.
  • June 2024
    • Participate in Briefing Session #2 – National Report key findings before launch.
    • Delivery of Employer Benchmark Reports.
    • Launch of National Report.
  • July 2024 onwards
    • Debriefs of individual Employer Benchmark Report.

What can you do?

Employer Roadmap

The interactive Employer Roadmap has been developed to translate the First Nations Employment Index findings into a comprehensive framework reflecting evidenced-based practices.

  • It supports organisations to set their aspiration, assess their current performance, and identify priorities to drive systemic and sustainable First Nations employment outcomes – beyond just the number of First Nations employees at an organisation.
  • This Roadmap reflects a systemic First Nations worldview that asks employers to apply the different actions in a way that empowers First Nations voices. In contrast with the action-first Western approach, this reflective process is iterative and ongoing – Listen, Yarn, Act, and Empower. It should be an ongoing process as you move through your First Nations employment journey.

First Nations Employment Network

The First Nations Employment Network brings together a coalition of employers who are committed to achieving employment parity and supports them with evidence-based guidance to drive parity forward with confidence. Employers benefit from sharing experiences and learnings, and exploring opportunities together through a series of workshops, roundtables and regular communications to members.

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Find out more

The full findings, recommendations and methodology are available in the First Nations Employment Index

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