Low section view of five school children sitting on brick wall wearing school uniform
Photo Credit: Johnny Greig.


Indigenous Education engagement

Striving to close the gap in educational outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Our goal

Australia has 1110 schools with more than 20 per cent Indigenous students; 2525 schools with more than 10 per cent Indigenous students; and 9465 schools in total. Our goal is to design, test and scale effective strategies for communities and governments to support these schools in improving Indigenous educational outcomes from kindy to year 12.

Our plan

We find, curate, validate and diffuse the best strategies, tools and techniques to improve Indigenous educational outcomes. We test this knowledge with partner communities and share our applied learnings with researchers and practitioners nationally. We also advocate for wholesale policy reform based on our pilots. Generation One is partnered with Knowledge Society to roll-out this program.

Looking to the future

There is a great deal of success already happening, but little of it scales to address all five levels needed to create systemic change. This project will work with initiatives across all five levels of the Indigenous education ecosystem: students, families, communities, schools and governments.

Join us on this learning journey. Whether you are a teacher, a principal, a parent, work in a community or government, access to current and best practice knowledge on how to improve Indigenous education in your community is critical.

Key dates
  • Selection and engagement of four Indigenous communities for direct partnership and action – March 2019
  • Convene an Indigenous education roundtable with experts and other stakeholders – April 2019
  • Produce first edition of the Indigenous Schooling: Radical Improvement Guide – May 2019

Project members

Shelley Cable
Chief Executive Officer, Generation One
Ann Mills
Policy Analyst