Flourishing Oceans17 Mar 2023

Leading philanthropies pledge USD $5 million to support developing countries in adopting an ambitious high seas treaty

At the 2023 Our Ocean Conference, the Minderoo Foundation was proud to unite with a group of philanthropic organisations to commit a collective USD $5 million to rapidly support developing nations in their efforts to join a new global treaty aimed at protecting the high seas.

The high seas are a critical area for ocean conservation. Photo Credit: Alex Walker via Getty Images.

The Bezos Earth Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Blue Nature Alliance, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, OceanKind, Oceans 5, Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, Vere Initiatives, and others, were among the group of organisations to support this initiative. 

The high seas are a critical area for ocean conservation, as they are home to more than 26,000 known marine species and play a vital role in regulating our climate and supporting important fisheries.  

Despite their importance, only one per cent of the high seas is currently protected. Negotiations are currently underway at the United Nations to finalise a new high seas treaty, which would be the first global treaty related to the ocean in over two decades. This treaty is critical to achieving the global goal of protecting 30 per cent of the ocean by 2030 (30×30). 

Minderoo Foundation and its partners recognise the urgent need to support developing nations in their efforts to protect the high seas. Its pledge will provide critical policy and technical resources to help these nations ratify the treaty and implement its provisions.  

“With two thirds of our ocean beyond national jurisdiction, a high seas treaty is an absolute must if we are to protect 30 per cent of marine areas globally,” Dr Tony Worby, Director of the Minderoo Foundation Flourishing Oceans initiative said.  

“Minderoo Foundation strongly endorses this ambitious treaty and is committed to protecting our common seas.” 

Minderoo is committed to working with government champions of the high seas treaty to secure additional support and resources to ensure the success of this critical conservation effort.  

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