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Minderoo Foundation Fire Fund joins with Team Rubicon Australia to deploy critical volunteers

Minderoo Foundation CEO Andrew Hagger, and Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) CEO Geoff Evans today announced a new collaboration which will ensure fire-affected communities are matched with skilled and experienced volunteers to help them rebuild.

Team Rubicon Australia and Fire Fund on the ground for Operation Hannaford. Photo Credit: Evelyn Soha, Team Rubicon Australia.

The collaboration will see the Minderoo Foundation Fire Fund (MFFF) support TRA to strengthen capacity and scale its operations in fire-affected areas across the country. In addition, MFFF is meeting travel and accommodation costs for volunteers and would expect to provide total funding of more than $2 million as part of this collaboration.

TRA is coordinating deployment and providing on-the-ground support for recovery efforts.

Mr Hagger took the opportunity to confirm deployment of the first teams of these Minderoo Foundation Fire Fund volunteers, thanks to the collaboration with TRA.

“Over the last few weeks about 30 Fire Fund volunteers have been deployed through Team Rubicon Australia in Cobargo in New South Wales, Cudlee Creek in South Australia and on Kangaroo Island. The teams are providing intensive assistance to clean-up efforts on the ground, and our next deployment will be arriving in Kangaroo Island later this week,” he said.

“From the very beginning of Minderoo Foundation’s engagement with fire-affected communities we have heard that having skilled and well-coordinated volunteers on hand can really accelerate community recovery.

“Our collaboration with Team Rubicon Australia will see a stream of skilled volunteers deployed over the coming weeks and months which will assist in the recovery efforts across the country.

“People’s willingness to give up their time to assist others is further testament to the care and generosity Australians demonstrate in times of need.”

TRA have been on the ground in bushfire-affected communities for several months providing support to communities in the immediate aftermath and recovery from the devastation of fire.

Founded in 2013, TRA began with a goal to supercharge the global approach to disaster recovery volunteering by mobilising the skills and experience of military veterans in Australia and around the world. They unite veterans, first responders and everyday people to rapidly provide relief to communities in need.

Team Rubicon Australia CEO Geoff Evans welcomed the collaboration with Minderoo Foundation.

“This collaboration with Minderoo Foundation provides a significant boost to our on-the-ground resources in fire-affected communities, and will mean a robust capability into the future,” he said.

“While the financial support from Minderoo Foundation is welcome, it is the flow of skilled volunteers that the collaboration unlocks which will really make a difference to those in fire-affected communities.”

For more information about skills required in fire-affected areas, upcoming missions and expressions of interest visit For more information on Minderoo Foundation Fire Fund visit the Fire Fund project page.

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