Community and social programs

Well-connected communities are more effective at solving shared problems, which in turn improves their ability to understand risks, respond to crises, and recover from disasters. A sense of community can be fostered by activities, institutions and traditions, such as sporting clubs, volunteer associations and clean-up days. After the devastation of the Black Summer fires in 2019/2020, a number of community projects commenced.


Fire Fund team with Back Track in Armidale, New South Wales. Photo Credit: Fire Fund Team.

Tool libraries

Minderoo Foundation has partnered with Lions International, the Tabulam Shed of Hope and a range of providers to supply Tool Libraries to regions across New South Wales. These libraries are stocked with a range of commonly needed tool items and some high value specialty equipment. Tools are loaned out in a library-style system where access is given for a period to complete specific tasks. Instead of helping a small number of people in need, many are assisted by having access to the tools they need in recovery works, which are then returned for others to utilise in the future.


Lions Club volunteers working on one of the tool libraries. Photo Credit: Charbel Azar.

Lifeline mental health training

Many with a mental health issue often fail to receive the support they need because their communities have not recognised the early warning signs they may be displaying. Minderoo Foundation is supporting Lifeline to provide specialised training to key community leaders and gatekeepers in southern New South Wales to help them recognise these signs and help link people into getting the assistance they require.

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