A guide to help communities plan

REsilient Communities Framework

When a community has the knowledge and the tools to develop their own resilience, they can survive, adapt and thrive, even in the face of future catastrophic events.

Together with Resilient Cities Catalyst, we have developed the Resilient Communities Framework – a guide for how to work with communities to help them be more prepared for future disasters.

The Framework provides a comprehensive understanding of resilience and includes practical tools for resilience practitioners, community leaders, policy makers and funders to identify and prioritize actions to build resilience.

Input into its content has also been received by the Australian Red Cross, Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience, the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, ResilientCo and The Australian National University. 

Resilient CommunitiesResilient Communities

The Resilient Communities Framework is used at a community planning session in Wooroloo, Western Australia. .