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Selfless Koala carers in the Adelaide Hills


A koala mother and baby discovered by Adelaide Koala Rescue. Photo Credit: Fire Fund Team.

Some of the most heart-wrenching images from the devastating Australian bushfires have come from the animal kingdom.

The number of animals killed in the fires has been estimated in the hundreds of millions, with koala populations hard-hit in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

But through this devastation glimmers of hope have been emerging.

One night in Woodside, South Australia, we met a volunteer from the Adelaide Koala Rescue (AKR).

She showed us this picture on her phone of a koala and its baby which had been discovered, in the wake of the Cudlee Creek bushfires. Thanks to the efforts of AKR, the beautiful pair have been cared for and are being readied for release this week.

A volunteer-based rescue service centred on the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills areas, AKR set up an emergency triage centre in December, catering for an influx of burnt, displaced and orphaned koalas.

AKR is also planning for the future, by helping revegetate properties and working to establish a permanent centre for rescued koalas, including hospital and rehabilitation facilities.

The inspiring efforts of AKR reflect those of wildlife carers around the country, who have done so much in recent weeks and days to preserve Australia’s precious and unique fauna.

Often forgotten as critical first responders, these wildlife carers witness terrible pain and often death but selflessly work around the clock to rescue and rehabilitate injured animals. Thanks to all wildlife carers, the unsung heroes of emergency response efforts. We stand with you.

Minderoo is mobilising and funding volunteers who can provide support on the ground. 

Bushfire affected communities need helping hands from all over the country to move along the road to recovery.  

Together with local and government agencies, Minderoo Foundation seeks to help regional towns and communities. 

We ask you to join us in helping Australia rebuild. Visit Fire and Flood Resilience.

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