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Andrew Forrest in Armidale with members of BackTrack. Photo Credit: Fire Fund Team.

Getting through school and on a pathway to meaningful work can be a difficult road for many young people.

In Armidale, northern New South Wales, the BackTrack program lives by its mission to keep kids alive, out of jail and chasing their hopes and dreams.

The Backtrack boys have been building their skills and future chances at employment by working on fire-affected properties, replacing some of the thousands of kilometres of fences lost in the Australian bushfire crisis.

Today, Minderoo Foundation’s Fire Fund announced a $25,000 contribution to BackTrack, which will help the organisation expand its work in the Nymboida area, providing local farmers with the much-needed labour they need to get their properties back up and running.

After the devastation of losing lives, homes, businesses and wildlife – the loss of important infrastructure, such as fences, was listed by farmers as one of the most critical needs that could be addressed in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

How can a land-based business operate without a way to secure livestock and start the rebuild safely?

The BackTrack team knows its community and knows where help is needed most.

It’s a practical solution making a difference for farmers and young people alike. Our communities will rise again.

Minderoo is mobilising and funding volunteers who can provide support on the ground. 

Bushfire affected communities need helping hands from all over the country to move along the road to recovery.  

Together with local and government agencies, Minderoo Foundation seeks to help regional towns and communities. 

We ask you to join us in helping Australia rebuild. Visit Fire and Flood Resilience.

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