Fire & Flood Resilience13 Aug 2020

Adrian Turner on The Greater Good

CEDA’s podcast, The Greater Good, features conversations with Australian leaders on policy priorities that matter for our future.

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Fire and Flood Resilience CEO, Adrian Turner at a press conference in Perth. Photo Credit: Benjamin Horgan.

Minderoo Foundation’s Fire Fund CEO, Adrian Turner joined CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento for an episode of their podcast, The Greater Good. They chatted about the Wildfire and Disaster Resilience Program, why it’s a moonshot mission and the role of philanthropy in driving research and development.

CEDA – the Committee for Economic Development of Australia – is an independent, membership-based think tank. Working with its members, it identifies policy issues that matter for Australia’s future and pursues solutions that deliver better economic and social outcomes for the greater good.

Formed in 1960 by Sir Douglas Copland, CEDA’s purpose was to harness the ideas and influence of leading thinkers from business, government, community and academia. Its purpose remains unchanged. Today CEDA continues to deliver leading thinking, informed discourse and rigorous research to influence good public policy for Australia’s economic and social development.

Minderoo Foundation
by Minderoo Foundation

Established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001, we are a modern philanthropic organisation seeking to break down barriers, innovate and drive positive, lasting change. Minderoo Foundation is proudly Australian, with eight key initiatives spanning from ocean research and ending slavery, to collaboration in cancer and community projects.

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