Minderoo Foundation27 May 2020

Health Minister thanks Minderoo Foundation for helping WA get back to work

The WA state government will expand COVID-19 testing to workers across a range of industries including hospitality and retail with the help of equipment sourced by Minderoo Foundation.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook addressing the media. Photo Credit: Benjamin Horgan.

Thousands of workers will be able to get tested for COVID-19 through a range of testing clinics, with screening available even if they are showing no symptoms, as part of the WA government’s DETECT Snapshot project announced by Health Minister Roger Cook on 27 May 2020.

The Snapshot tests will initially run for two weeks and form another plank of the WA government’s DETECT program monitoring COVID-19 in the state.

Mr Cook said: “This project aims to get a better understanding of potential COVID-19 (cases) that may be in the community and not yet detected.

“More importantly, it will provide the government and the public with greater confidence that we are on top of this virus. People from specific cohorts who are not showing symptoms of COVID-19 can go get a test for the virus at one of the COVID clinics, including a drive-through facility at Burswood, or from a range of privately operated pathology providers.

We will be utilising some of the testing resources provided by the Minderoo Foundation, so I once again thank Andrew Forrest and the Minderoo Foundation for the important role that they have played in the fight against COVID-19. Their help has significantly bolstered our testing armoury.”

Mr Cook said those eligible as part of the testing blitz include:

  • healthcare workers including WA Health staff
  • private hospitals employees
  • employees of residential aged care facilities, general practice, and pharmacies
  • disability sector employees,
  • WA Police staff
  • meat workers employed in an abattoir, meat packing, or small goods manufacture;
  • retail workers, such as employees in supermarkets, department stores and specialty stores,
  • hospitality workers, such as employees in cafes, restaurants, pubs or hotels

In March, Minderoo Foundation was asked by the Commonwealth government to help secure increased testing capacity to assist with the national COVID-19 response.

Minderoo Foundation secured testing capacity allowing for a total of 10 million extra tests in Australia, in a ground-breaking partnership between federal and state governments, and private pathology networks.

The equipment has been deployed to 11 laboratory sites, with one site in each state, allowing for widespread community asymptomatic testing, an important measure for confidence in community health as lockdown restrictions ease and Australia gets back to work.

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